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Saturday, November 26th, 2011

I have been a busy bee

(as well as my father in law and the electrician)

Pulling up tiles in entry way.

Cupboard in hallway, doors removed


2nd Bedroom

2nd Bedroom

2nd Bedroom (BEFORE)

2nd Bedroom (DURING)

2nd Bedroom (AFTER)

2nd Bedroom (AFTER, again)

Lounge (During)

Lounge (After)




And yep, I think it is time we got a skip!

There has been more work done, like all skirting boards, lights, switches and power points removed. All the holes in the walls are patched up.

We won’t be moving in anymore, like we thought. My parents in law have foreboded us and have pressured us in to staying with them. FUN!!!!!!!!!!! NOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, I do see the benefits. Right now, we are still living in our apartment and it is nice to leave the mess and dust behind and come back to a functioning place.

It just means it will force us to get it all done so we can get the hell outta there and into our lovely home.

I sort of didn’t want the pressure though. I have to pick paint colours asap. because the walls need to be painted before the skirting and architraves are put on.

And I wanted to take my time with that.

AAHhhhh well. I am just thankful to have people that care enough to want to put us up in their home.

So, meanwhile, I am getting no sleep, while I agonise over paint colours, skirting, architraves and the fact that my husband just jetted off to Germany in the thick of it.

I got my chin up though.

Oh and P.S, our apartment has tenants and move in date is looming.

Ciao Bella (as my new Italian neighbour would say)


Friday, November 18th, 2011

Our Apartment is up for rent!

It is being offered by First National Marrickville

The Kitchen

I thought I would extend on the advertisement and tell you a bit about the area you would be moving into if you were interested.

It is fab and very CONVENIENT.

Foodworks, I call it “Foodies”, but a true Marrickville local calls it “Banana Joes” is just around the corner. And I mean, just around the corner.

It is seriously the best! They have a whole aisle dedicated to cheese! If you are an entertainer or just a cheese lover, you can walk to foodies, return & whip up a cheese plate faster then you can toast bread. Yet again, not even kidding!

They have a wide range of fruit and veges there and even a sprinkler system to keep them fresh. You can even buy a jar of TRUFFLES from France. What they do lack is some of the variety in brands that other supermarkets have, but fear not, there is not 1 but 2 Woolworths in the area. 1 in easy walking distance.

Next, Train Stations.

Take your pick. Marrickville Train station is 5 stops (Sydneham, St Peters, Erskinville, Redfern, Central) From Central and is a 500 metre walk away

Sydneham Train Station is 2 stops from Central and is a 950 metre walk away

Bus stop is about 20 metres away. Catch the 423 up to King St, Newtown in 5 mins.

If you love to cook Asian food, well you are in heaven. All ingredients imaginable are available for purchase in a 50 metre radius of the apartment.

If you love to EAT Asian food, well you have a choice of at least 30 restaurants a STROLL away, not a short walk, a stroll!

If you are a coffee drinker, I am certain there is a cafe here that satisfies your desire.

If you are an online shopping addict or an ebay/etsy seller/buyer. You are in total LUCK. The Post Office is hmm… let me count the STEPS. I would estimate, 20 STEPS away, not metres, but steps.

Other helpful and handy places that are a walk away, 2 florists, for the times when you need a last minute gift, a pick me up, need to jazz the apartment up, like I had to today.

PUB FOOD! Great schnitzels at The Royal Exchange.

A Gamble, the TAB is just right there, if you reached out, you could touch it!

At least 2 bottle shops (not counting the ones inside pubs)

about 2, 369, 373 thai resturants

about 3, 087, 984 Vietnamese restuarants

about 806, 927 cafes



A great Japanese restaurant. (There are others, I haven’t tried them yet) And it is located IN THE SAME BUILDING!!!!!!!!!

If you need your nails done, I can count on more then one hand (ha! Pun intended) the salons you can go to!)

We even got an ALDI. I adore Aldi!

If you need ANYTHING, this place has it! (sewing products, cooking goods, hardware etc etc etc etc etc! You name it, its here!)


Now, more about the actual apartment. This apartment is a 1 bedroom apartment. I know what you are thinking. TINY.


Take that back. This is a large 1 bedroom apartment. I have a friend that lives in North Ryde and has an apartment that is actually less in square metres and hers is a 2 bedder.

It is a boutique block of 14 apartments.

This apartment has handled not 1 but 2 people working from home and wedding ground zero.

The bedroom is really large, and if you were in a relationship and oppsss… you become pregnant, there is enough room for a babies cot as well.

It also features a very big wardrobe, which you can use to stash lots of things.

There is a plenty of room in the living area for a full size dining table and 6 chairs, a console, a 3 seater couch, and a desk.

I thought when we first looked at this apartment that the kitchen was going to be the death of me, but it wasn’t.

In that kitchen I have a pasta machine, a french oven (those big cast iron Le Crueset pots), a food processor, a toaster, a kettle, a bevy of bloody MASSIVE mixing bowls.

And there is still enough room to comfortable whip up a 3 course meal.

Ok, enough already! If you are interested, come along tomorrow at 10.30am or If you know someone that might be interest, please pass the link on.


We have floor boards

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

I ripped the carpet up in the living room


I wonder how I go about finding out what type of wood I have here.

I have also been researching power points and light switches as they are getting replaced and also the skirting boards.

I have found some really nice ones that are suitable to the age of the house.

Fun fun fun!

Settled. Have Keys, Will Renovate!

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

I’m So Excited

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Just did the final inspection of our house, before we settle on TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Floor Boards make me so HAPPPYYYYYYY

Found these little babies in a cupboard in the hallway!

I also went to the shops again on a wreath hunt!

And NADA. They are all too expensive, OR very very cheap looking and feral with glue gun craziness and glitter aplenty! GROSS

I want this

Or this

For freeeee!! WAHHHHH!

I even tried to find just the hoop, just plain wire, or a branch one… BUT NO!! All they had was RUBBISH!!!!

Taking recommendations.


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

So excited for Christmas this year!

This will be my 4th Christmas since moving out of my parent’s house.

The first year I was in a share house.

The 2nd year I was living with my fiance in a 1 bedroom apartment (current one) No room to decorate.

The 3rd year was the count down to the wedding and we did erected this tiny tree


This year I WANT TO DECORATE OUR NEW PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before this mega  monster of a mortgage sets in, I decided to do some shopping, while the noose around our necks is not yet tight.

I bought this tree from Big W

It looks pretty good! It is narrow too, so I should be able to stash it in a corner somewhere, now that we have quadrupled our living size.

It looks like the super expensive one >$359 that David Jones has.

I could have got a similar one from the Reject shop for $15 it was shorter though by a foot and a bit, but it was just too nasty cheap looking.

Next up, together, the husband and I purchased this ornament.

It’s by Wedgwood. They have some really cute stuff! Like a cute cup and saucer ornament. Would make a good gift for an avid tea drinker!

I thought it was fitting!!! You know, the new house and all!!!! And FINALLY being able to do a proper Christmas together!

Also, our 1st Christmas as husband and wife!!

I then did a mad dash around the Reject shop for some filler baubles!

I was told to hit up one of those christmas factory shops you see around!

So I did just that! ABSOLUTE RIP OFF! Don’t go there. They have the exact same stuff as the reject shop and for at least 3 times the price.

As my mummy says, just buy at least 1 nice ornament a year and over time, should have a lovely home filled with them!

There is a few things I would still like to get. . .

Well.. we have a mantel now, I would love to have 2 cute stocking hook/holders and then of course 2 stockings.

I also want a wreath, really bad! For the front door. But I haven’t found the one yet.

I need to make a tree skirt and my mum has been hinting at making me a table runner.

But I am going to cap it there because I did spend like $300. . . .¬† and that doesn’t include pressies yet.

For presents, its going to be handmade goods I believe. The budget is going to be tight.