Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list?

I don’t have an official bucket list, meaning I haven’t sat down and written one..


This was on my bucket list.


My husband's sorbet

We had macarons too!

Okay, well it wasn’t Paris.

But I have crossed it off my list.

We also went to Pierre Herme

The Japanese love Dessert! See, See what I am saying! Tokyo suits my lifestyle.

I LOVED Pierre Herme! They ice packed our dessert for enjoyment later and they gift boxed them up! It was just lovely and special.

Just yesterday I was browsing gourmet traveler for recipes to make for dinner, as I do.

And I came across this article!

Well, let me tell you! I felt real spesh! because I had inadvertently hit up the TWO best places for a sweet snack while in Tokyo!!

I planned on eating Parisian desserts, but didn’t really research it too much and I was lucky!

I just gravitate to the good stuff!! HEHEHEHEH

In other gravitation. I was browsing etsy paper goods and I always hit the list “highest Price” button. “Cos, I am high end!

and look what I came across!

Have you seen this??

It is soooooooo FUNNY!!!!!!!!

Take the time out for a giggle or two.

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