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Project Nursery

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

My 2 custom watercolour paintings are now hung in the nursery!

Don’t they just look beautiful. The whole nursery is just divine! Very lucky little girl coming soon!

Remember, if you wish to purchase paintings like it, please visit my etsy store.

Party Time

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

On Friday, it was party time!!

My good friend was leaving work to have a baby, so there was a farewell at work…. where I use to work, not where I currently work! But, so many people came that no longer work at this place just to be there! Even though we had moved elsewhere we all came back to the place we call “home” my 3 girlfriends from all over, where there, so it was equally good to catch up with them! Also a lady who was having a day off, actually came into work to be at the PARTY!!!

See, special stuff right there!

I made the preggers lady 2 watercolours

Watercolour painting of the babies name

Colour hearts

and wrapped them up in a pretty pink bow!

Look what else the spoiled brat got!!!!!!

Just to be clear (because my husband thought this when seeing the picture) that she also received the cot as a gift!! No the cot is hers but everything else!! And this was just a work do!!! Not her girlfriends or sisters!!

If you like this and would like to purchase a custom watercolour artwork, please find my etsy listings here:

Watercolour Baby Name

9 hearts

Black & Gold

Friday, August 26th, 2011

On the weekend I have my Father in laws 60th birthday part at Wildfire!

I am very excited! I have been there a few times and can’t wait to go back.

For the celebration I hand made a card and placed it in a “Cupid’s Bow” white envelope.

I drew the font onto black card stock and painted it with gold metallic ink. I adhered the black paper to a white piece of stock so that in the inside of the card was white.

I hand cut an envelope liner out of marbled paper and lastly, free hand painted his name on the front of the envelope.

I know this image looks a little abstract, but you know how some old people are, they would have kittens if they knew I put their name on the internet.

This image shows the texture of the white envelope though.

Lilac is the IT colour of the moment.

Friday, August 26th, 2011


I have have just been loving it!

I am definitely more of a pastels girl then bright colours, so this is right up my alley.

My first lilac love!

Marimekko magnolia print fabric stretched on a frame and hanging in my apartment.

Chee Soon & Fitzgerald

Beaded bridal clutch with lilac lining


And of course, the latest custom wedding stationery I did. “Cupid’s Bow” 130mm x 185mm, 151gsm envelope in lilac.


Justine + Luke Custom Wedding Stationery

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Good Morning everyone.

Here is a few pictures of my latest custom wedding suite I did for a lovely client.

They were letter pressed on the most amazing imported Italian stock in two colours, lilac and grey ink.

The envelopes were custom designed by me and made with imported Japanese paper.

The suite consists of:


Wishing well card

R.S.V.P card

Thank you card

Outer “Cupid’s Bow” envelope lined with hand marbled paper from Thailand

Inner “Cupid’s Bow” r.s.v.p envelope

“Cupid’s Bow” address label

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

Please contact me if you would like to have your wedding stationery custom designed by me.

If you are interested in purchasing  “Cupid’s Bow” envelopes, please contact me as well. They are available in 2 sizes (shown) and 3 colours (lilac, oat and white)

All work is copyright by NeoReverie. Please contact me in writing before publishing these pictures anywhere else. laura at  neoreverie dot com dot au (No spaces and correct characters)



Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Gahh! I want this!


It is 100 years old and $1300. There is less then zero chance of me having this! But I am in love with it nonetheless.

I can’t even believe myself!

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

I was looking forward to the block finale alllllll week. I worked yesterday and was looking forward to going home to watch it. I was also looking forward to going to our friends house for dinner.

Never in my little noggen did the 2 thoughts cross pass!!!

So, we went to our friends house and had an absolute ball.

We get home at 12am and I realise I committed a cardinal sin.

Not once, since driving home from work, driving to our friends house, during the visit, nor the drive home did I think of the block!

Shocked at myself!

Anyways, just goes to show, we had a fabulous time at their house. Great to have lovely company who were also interested in seeing our honeymoon snaps.

So. . . . . .

Back to the block. Fucking ninemsn hadn’t uploaded the episode as yet. God they fucking suck!! Don’t they know with my generation we want everything and we want it NOW! Get your fucking act together!!! The amount of times I missed the block (secretly my husband loves home n away and they clashed time slots) and I wanted to watch it later in the evening and it wasn’t uploaded to their site yet!!! GRrrrrrrr NOT BLOODY GOOD ENOUGH!! Get your act together!

In this day and age, it was definitely possible to have it available, but they didn’t. So, yeah. I haven’t seen the finale, but got the info I required off a myriad of other websites.

A whole season of utter shit it was! And the finale sounds like it was shit city to match!

Good Riddence!


Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Yes, the framing I want is much like this one that is sneaking in from the side!

Do you see the mat board, how there is a shadow? Yes, exactly.

I want the sea fan on ivory card and the mat to be white.

Picture Framers

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Today I finished the 2 artworks I am making for a friend for her baby girl.

I did 2 watercolours. One is of the babie’s name and the other is a surprise till the big reveal next Friday at her work’s luncheon they are putting on for her. I used to work there and I have been invited to attend!

I dropped the piccies into the framers today. I am so excited to see how they turn out.

I’ll be sure to show you pics after that day! I would love to get some pics of them hung up in her nursery too.

The nursery is coming along very nicely! I am excited to see it all finished too. She has been sharing progress shots.

I told my husband about how I went at the framers and all that and he gave me the green light to get my sea fan (gorgonian coral) framed!!!

So when I pic up the 2 I have put in, I will put this one in to be framed. He is scared it is just collecting dust and it is very fragile and could get crushed. (And I agree with him, even though I love it, I can be quite careless!)

This is my pic of him.. he is in the background there.

And this is how I want to frame it


Except, I want a mat on mine so that is set up off the background and creates a shadow. Showing the 3 dimensional aspect of the sea fan.

cheesed off

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Grrrr… Sometimes I hate eBay!

How can I have 26 watchers on my dress and it still not sell!!!

My Camilla and Marc dress is still for sale. Taking offers. I have been offered $130 for it already but I would really like more then that!

My dress is also up on Gumtree now (I love gumtree and it loves me!)

 . . . . . . . . . . . .

In other news

My husband and I have our eyes on a house! We bloody want it bad!!! I have made an illustrator file with the floorplan and mapped out changes and placed our furniture in it! That is how bad I want it! I have printed copies off and doodled on them!

I went and looked at it last night! Yes, still love it. Robert will go and look at it on Saturday while I am at work.

It has all the original features, like picture rails, stunning grand architraves, woodern floors (currently hidden under carpet) and beautiful leadlight doors that divide the living room with the dining room. They honestly took the breath right out of me. I even scared Robert a little bit with my gasp!

Luckily I am a keen sander. I have my own electric sander! I would sit there and sand all the wood work back and make it just stunning!


There is always a problem!

The bloody auction is when we are up in the air flying back from JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can’t even do a phone bid!!!

I have always dreamed of bidding at an auction! I went with my friend who bidded at 2, she won the second one. The atmosphere is electric!

It really is emotional. I know we can get someone to bid, but they can’t even converse with us…. arrghhhhhhh

Anyways… enough about the house! Rob still hasn’t seen it yet!