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Berry Clafoutis

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

I have always wanted to try this, so tonight I am cooking it (it is in the oven as I type)

I used this recipe.

I had the cream in the fridge, just enough milk, LOTS OF EGGS and 3 different packets of frozen berries!

I had been trying them all out. I eat this yoghurt concoction for breakfast and I like to have raspberries ONLY in it. But then I read all this stuff about blueberries and super-food. So I went to buy blueberries, but the shop didn’t have just blueberries, so I bought the mixed berries that contained blueberries. But I didn’t quite like it as much as just plain raspberries. So, I thought, maybe I should just try blueberries only, then I bought a pack of frozen blueberries. Nope turns out I only like my ‘yoghurt-surprise’ (there is no real surprise I just asked my husband to name my meal and that is what he came up with) with JUST RASPBERRIES.

Anyway, back to the point of this story. I needed to come up with away to eat all these berries. And here is the Mixed berry way.

Soon I will make a blue berry cheesecake.



Saturday, June 25th, 2011


Just booked tickets to JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband is turning 30 this year and I always knew I wanted to take him somewhere nice. But as the date drew closer, I didn’t think it was possible.

I was either thinking Singapore (He is quite taken with this city) or a south pacific Island for some R ‘n’ R.

But, with my new business venture. It was looking highly probable that I would have to head North to Asia.

Then this morning while I was driving to work! Well whaaddaya know! Jetstar is having a sale!

I came home after work and discussed it and we booked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband is still in shock! He plans and prepares everything… he doesn’t do this.

I have always wanted to nab a bargain airfare but have never been lucky enough!


I was looking 2 weeks ago for airfares to Japan and the cheapest I could find was $1k return for one person (at the time, I was thinking of going alone) But we got 2 people return, with checked baggage (fees, taxes all that hoo ha) for $1289

Only $289 extra for the hubstar to come with!

You only live once, right?

Now, all I need to do is find a nice place to have dinner in Tokyo for his birthday! Any suggestions?

Any advice, places to go and see in Tokyo! Tips.. everything. I need to know.


You Rock

Friday, June 24th, 2011

No, YOU rock!


Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

… at it’s worst.

Only TODAY have I unpacked my suitcase from when I went to Perth. 6 weeks ago!

That is BAD.

Well…. ^^^^ that first sentence was from a week ago!

I have had this post in draft from a week ago… More procrastination.

Well, not really procrastination. Let me explain it to you.

These days I don’t have much to talk about… well actually that is not true! I have lots to talk about, but I can’t. I forbid myself.

I have started a business and it hasn’t launched yet and this is all I am working on and I don’t want to say anything, show anything, mention anything until it’s launch.

I have to keep my cards close to my chest.

I have a big mouth, I either say it all or nothing and I have chosen nothing.

In the past month I have design my new identity and got my business cards printed! They are tactile heaven. I choose letterpress. SWAH-OON!

I have been in contact with an overseas supplier to get my hands on some ‘stuff’ that is not available here!

Ohh I hate being cryptic or vague. But I am sure you can appreciate, I can’t put all my ideas out there on the internet for the world to steal see.

So that is what I am putting all my energy and effort into, I really don’t want to see my blog fall to the wayside. Just letting you know I am here and I can’t wait to reveal what I have been up to!

in other news! Beyond my new business venture. Husband and I would very much like to purchase a HOUSE in Sydney!

Ohhh the horror. It is near impossible. But we are going to give it a crack. It will be the teeniest, shittest, smelliest, dirtiest, grubbiest shack you ever seen. We will love her.

We are going to try and keep our apartment at the same time and rent it out. It would be a shame to sell it. Such a good little pad with a great location and has already gone up, significantly, in value.

So that means we have this for lunch

Toasted sandwiches!

But the Soy and Lin bread might have to go too! At $4 a loaf… hmmm not exactly budget! AMIRIGHT??? But, then we would have to add a laxative or metamucil to the shopping list! If you try and cut one thing out, you will end up paying for it one way or another.

And for dinner we have Mi-Goreng! Yes 40 packets for $11!!!!!!!! $0.27 each!

I go to the Asian grocer and buy shallots and bok choy and some capsicum etc etc.. and I make a stir fry. Some times no Mi Goreng, some times no veges. But a meal for like $4.

We are living like international students, The 2 of us cooped up in a 1 bedder (I suppose it is not 8 of us), working crazy hours, eating noodles.. you know… living the dream!

I bought 4 lamb shanks the other day for dinner. FOR $25!!!!!!!!! Umm I thought that was suppose to be a budget meal! I bought them ‘frenched’ hence a little extra to the price… but excuse me incompetent butcher! I still spent the next half an hour trimming them up some more!!! GRRRR.. where are all the good old school butchers? It pisses me off. I felt like bagging up the fat I cut off, weighing it and demanding the value of the discarded back!!!

Back to procrastination! I have been married for nearly 6 months and have not officially changed my name….. Oh dear. It is too fatiguing! I got my marriage certificate though. It is the FUGLIEST piece of paper I have ever seen. No wonder so many people say “Why get married? It is just a piece of paper” Well maybe the paper was worth owning you might reconsider!

For my $59 I would have appreciated some foil stamping, metallic ink?? Not just some mono laser!



Fucking Rip JOB!!!

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

I really do have the shits today.

Hating EVERYTHING. And NO! I don’t think I am premenstrual!

I am THIS close to packing up and moving overseas!!!! I love Australia, but today I really fucking hate the joint.

Exhibit A:

Amazon US site. X3601 $4.82

Officeworks AU. X3601 $13.99

THREE TIMES THE PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exhibit B:

US IKEA $39.99

AU IKEA $129



Talk about a rip job!

I can’t find a decent non feral or cheap and nasty desk chair to save my life WITH OUT ARM RESTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arm rests are sooooo dumb!!! They damage your desk as you swing round and bang the desk to get out, or they clamp themselves under your desk and you are stuck and can’t seem to push yourself back out. I hate the plastic shit one with ugly casters.

If you know of a nice desk chair please let me know.

You know what else is depressing is the price of houses in Sydney and in Perth.

Who the fuck buys these houses????? Gazillion-aires?

Where are all the Gazillion-aires? There weren’t any around when I was single!

But I keep hearing that the average mortgage is 300k. What??? Did they buy a car-port??? A shed??? They sure didn’t buy a house with it!!! I am telling you.

Like when I was planning a wedding. I had trouble with people/companies not bothering to quote me.

Same is happening again. I would like some business cards and hmmmmmm seems like no one wants business… Oh but one Aussie company does, yet they quoted me DOUBLE!! seriously DOUBLE of what I can get done from America!

I would ideally like to collaborate with a company here in AU but hmmm…. I do actually need to make profit. Not be ripped off and go under.


My brother and sister are going to the US in a week!! I am THIS close to buying a plane ticket and following them. Go to Crate & Barrel, MAC, Home depot etc etc.  Shop my brains out and come back on the plane. I would easily re-coup the airfare. NOT EVEN JOKING!