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Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Look at my friend’s kitten!!!!!

I love him!!! He loves the cuddles too.

I want one, but only if he stays that size!

Which of course means I won’t be allowed one, by the law of the ye ol’ hubstar. Damn, I really liked that kitten!


Thursday, April 28th, 2011

I am going to make good use of my new clutch at my cousin’s wedding in May! That is, of course, if I haven’t made a better one by then.

Lush Lilac Lining

Lush Lilac Lining


Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Have you seen this documentary?? If Not…. WHY NOT???



I had to watch it over 2 nights because I am a NANNA. I worked all the 5 days seems like everyone else had off! I am going straight to hell. I worked Christmas day and now Easter. I didn’t make it into our church this Easter period and I really do feel bad. Working 5 full straight days is something I haven’t done THIS YEAR! And boy did it take it out of me. I also need my 4 day weekend! But…. before you think I am pathetic…. don’t you remember last year and all the years before!! I worked like 7 days a bloody week. HOW I did that…. I am not sure. I think you just get into the swing of it. But, to be honest, it is not a 4 day weekend I get. I am still working. Yesterday I made this clutch bag.

What do you think? First attempt. My mum has lent me a sewing machine and paid for my first 4 sewing classes. So this is attempt Number 1 with out any sewing classes.

Going to visit my friend soon. I will be taking a train and then a bus. Although it is pouring rain. I really want boots like this but in BLACK.

but I can’t find something similar. Any one seen them around? Black leather, half shin length, no laces. and flat.

I am public transporting it because we intend to finish off some wine and champagne that apparently have our names written all over them!! And….. also because I have fucked up big time! I only have 2 (or 1, I can’t figure it out) points left of my license. Last year, October long weekend….. bleary eyed and driving to work… early morning on a Saturday.. on a deserted stretch of road. Only me and a FUCKING COP CAR WITH A FUCKING RADAR!

Arghh…. so my virginal license was raped of EIGHT points in one feel swoop. It really should have been automatic loss of my license for 3 months and 10 points, but I batted my eyelids, lifted one hemline and lowered another… Oh men, you are so easy! And I was on my merry way.

That was until 2 Mondays ago. Again, driving to work.. this time a red light did me no justice. There was 3 cars in front of me and the light was red. Then a few moments later we all start turning the corner and then I hear sirens! I didn’t even know what I had done! The Police lady tells me it was red and gives me a ticket for $344!!!!!

So, now I am bitter and boycotting it all. Me and city rail are best buds. I want to sell my car. I just registered it again at a cost of $1000. You know what that means, With $1k I can get 200 $50 taxi rides a year! That is 4 a week! That doesn’t include the cost of petrol or another $2.5k for my comprehensive car insurance. Makes sense to get rid of it.

I haven’t driven for nearly 2 weeks and it has been great so far. I caught the train to and from work on all of these 5 public holidays at 6am and everything went great.

I really don’t want to drive until October 2013 till I get my 8 points back.

Oh right, back to the doco! Home was STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL, TAKE THE BREATH OUT OF YOUR LUNGS!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, a visual feast for the eyes, thought provoking! Towards the end, it was getting all depressing and I thought It was ending on a seriously depressing note, but it looked at the glass half full, not empty.

Solar engergy makes me so fucking angry. I read this article last week. That the solar power industry was on the verge of collapse. I rake my brain as to WHY not EVERY SINGLE house is NOT being built to be solar powered!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! It is very possible and IT WORKS… and IT’S FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE $$$$$$

Anyway, GREAT doco! WATCH IT!!!!!!!!! Oh Oh Oh!! I missed the best part!!!!!! I was admiring each and every scene where they fly over the scenery!! And lo and behold!!!! The flew over the VERY spot Mr Wonderful and I were on our honeymoon!!! Can you believe it! It was the hanging bridges at Arenal!!!!!!! We were on that VERY bridge!!!!!

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica – Picture taken on the tallest hanging bridge (the one that can been seen in the movie)

New shoes

Monday, April 25th, 2011

This is pissing me off! I am trying to blog from my ‘smart’ phone! 3rd attempt! I bet the picture will be all wonky!

I wrote all things about my shoes blah blah blah!!! I bought them in Perth A few weeks ago now. I went for the baby blue denim colour over the black, as I always get black, thought I’d try something new. No regrets so far!

I am sewing everyone!

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Silk Taffeta, Silk Satin Lining. Lace & Crystals.

Stay tuned for the final product!

I think I am addicted to bridal fabric!

I am making a fold over clutch with zipper and magnetic closure. This is for my new venture! I also want to make one in a dark colour for myself as an evening bag!


Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

I left the best to last! It was my birthday on March the 11th and I got 2 tickets to see Gabriel Iglesias!!! They were from my fav Aunty!

He is a stand up comedian.

Hubstar and I will walk to the show tonight. How good is that???

It is at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville, my hood!


Monday, April 18th, 2011

So, I have been growing my eyebrows. Fuller eyebrows are the thing to have.

I had them so close at my hens on Nov, but after visiting a salon before my wedding for a “tidy up”, such a dumb decision! I was left with THIN BROWS!!!!

Honestly! What kind of fucking bride to be would jeopardise the curtains to the window of the soul a mere month before their wedding by getting an off the cuff fucking tidy up brow wax with out thinking!!! DUMB

So, then I was back to square one. Since getting married in Jan and now in April, I am close, but still no cigar!

This is what I want and think I can achieve!

Cruising with Kat

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Yes, that is right, I have been cruising with Kat.

Katarina is my sister in law. Last weekend we had her farewell party at the Ivy Bar and then this Saturday just pass we saw her off at the airport. She has a one-way ticket to London. If you were in Sydney on Saturday, you would no doubt be familiar with the weather, it was clearly mourning the loss of this young lady.

Speaking of this young lady, Katarina… she has started a blog to document her travels through Europe. You can read it here. It is ‘cruising’ because she is seeking some vocation on cruise ships in the Mediterranean.

So, here is a pic from my mums 50th do:

My Sister and I

Later on in the Evening when I was at the Ivy for SIL’s Farewell.. ahem.. poolside.

Then I baked a tart for the family farwell this Friday past.

Why oh why does pastry hate me?

Still tasted amazing! I was just a touch dis-hearten

Then at the airport on Saturday.

The Croatian Princess flys business class and over-packs! Ok… well maybe not fly business class, just gets checked in at business class. Anyway, these things aren’t important.

After I took the first photo in the top left, she promptly bursted into tears.

Then we bidded adieu (She visits France in 2 weeks) and if the tears weren’t dripping down our faces yet (Which of course they were) they DEFINITELY were when she turned the corner and walked down that hallway for customs.

Arghhh… I feel like crying right now.

My Settee – Pics

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

On the weekend the Hubstar picked up my settee!

Here are 2 average pics of it!

It is in such good knick. Very sold and no creaks.

I have too much furniture now. I either need to sell some (which I will) and also pay from some storage. As some I want to keep for when we get a bigger place but can’t fit in this one.

I have such a long list of To-do with the apartment. I have set a goal! I want to get this little one bedder featured in some blogs and Adore magazine!!!

But there is so much to do before I can do that.


Monday, April 11th, 2011

The most breath taking furniture I have seen in a while!

Over 4000 nail heads individually hand hammered.