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My Birthday was on Friday!

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

I had a super lovely day! Well, it could have been slightly better. My hub bub was really sick. So he stayed home from work but didn’t get to do anything with me either.

In the morning he gave me his present. It was this!

This has been on my lust list for about 6 months.. ever since I discovered her work. Her, being Isabella Abramson! I just love everything she comes up with. Don’t let the image deceive you, it is actually very tiny! Such a cute little bowl. I am not sure where I am going to put it or what I am going to use it for. All I can say is when I un-wrapped it, I admired it for hours!

Then I took myself to the Australia Museum to see the Wildlife Photography exhibition. I didn’t mind, I do these things on my own. I am a real loner!

I then checked out the Westfields in the city. The miu miu store still hasn’t open… or I can’t find it!

Last year for my birthday I got a Miu Miu Mini bow bag.

and this year I got a Mulberry Wallet. It semi matches! It is technically from Mr W, he picked it out off their website and I went to the store in the Westfields (ahem, only store in Aus)

The black leather is heavenly and the gold hardware is much nicer then the picture illustrates. It fits EVERYTHING, even my phone if push came to shove.

The Mulberry store is DANGEROUS territory!!! I thought my mini bow was cute and small!!! Umm no Mulberries Mini Alexa’s are the BEST thing I have ever seen in handbag form!!!!!!! I am not one for huge carry alls! I LOVE petite bags!

And OMG, it is sooooo fucking hitting the mark! Arrrghh, stop my heart can’t take it! Nor can my hubby or my new wallet, yes metaphor intended!

Mini and Normal


Now, the bag above on the right and this bag

If they were in available in the mini version (which of course they are not, because Mulberry must have a duty of care!)

Because I would just DROP DEAD!!!

How stunning.


Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Hopefully very soon! I will have the time and the $$ to action this project I have finally settled on. Sprucin’ up my much adored side table!

My Side Table (before shot)

I thought I had settled on turquoise and gold combo with a hand painted frame on each draw.

But I have something else in mind and I am not allowing any changes of mind! I am pretty solid on this one.


My action plan

  1. Sand the table back
  2. Prime
  3. Paint black with a spray can (I don’t think I will be able to manage this, unless I go to a park or something) So, maybe I’ll use a brush and mini roller
  4. Then, mix up silver/grey paint with shimmery pigments or another metallic paint and paint over the black
  5. Allow to dry and then do some selective sanding to reveal the black paint below
  6. Coat with polyurethane in semi-gloss or satin
  7. Spray the handle black and SHINY and re attach
  8. I also need to replace the glass top, because it was chipped when I bought it.

Ideally, I would love to find some gorgeous wooden moulding accents to add to the table to make it more decadent, but I don’t even know where you look for these.

Also, I don’t know if I should paint the top of the table solid black?? like in my inspiration picture.

2 Month’s

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Today, I have been married for 2 months.

And on Friday it is my 23rd birthday!

Yuck… 23! What a stupid age.

Everybody keeps asking me what I want for my birthday.

Only one thing, to be back in our apartment.

For the past week and a half, we have been living in hotels. We got kicked out of one when they had no more availability because of mardi gras!

We are out of our home (as well as all of our belongings) because our wooden floorboards are being replaced. Now, that is completed, they have stuffed the skirting boards up, so these need to be replaced and the walls painted. This is all going through insurance and it takes time for them to approve the quotes…… it is really starting to bother me.

Last year I celebrated my birthday in a hotel too, in Melbourne. But that was fun, it involved manis, miu miu handbags and gourmet eating.


In other news I have applied for a higher graded job to the one I am doing now. I put my application in Monday.

Please cross your fingers for me!

I want us to buy a house and soon and this is only going to assist! Oh and p.s, I am the right person for the job.

Ohhh and I don’t think I have managed it yet on my blog. But remember I had another job as well last year?

And I was slowly sending myself mental and prematurely wrinkling my face! Well, I quit it. Life is too short to slave away at some body else’s goal. So, I am concentrating on my OWN goals!

Now my work/life ratio scale is tipped in the opposite direction! Hello long walks, blogging, cooking (well I wish…. at the moment my kitchen is a kettle and fridge that doesn’t graze my knee) and also working hard!!! But for something I want!!!!

Our Wedding Day – Part Seven

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

My dad, my sister’s impromptu speech and my new husband’s speech was the best part of the day. They brought the house down.

Tears were flooding the joint!

My godfather was pissed off at my husband because he always believed he had delivered the best groom speech at any wedding he had attending and now the title was taken by Mr W.

He was just enthralled with his speech.

So was I, I was gob-smacked. Where had this eloquent man of mine come from?

He is very much a maths man and not a poet at all, where the words came from, I am not so sure, but his speech was outstanding, put together so beautiful and the delivery was passionate.

I was awe-struck.

Next up came some more eating, the first dance and what my husband and mother said were ‘imperative’ to a wedding.. the garter and bouquet toss.

It got a little aggressive after this shot.

Then more dancing!

At 10pm the rain started to fall!!! It held off allllll day and now it was time for it to fall. (When it no longer mattered!) We were all drunk by this stage!

So if I want to go by the old saying “It’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day” Then I will.

Then there was the farewell.

Off to our hotel room (the perks of getting married in a hotel) it was only up a level!

And, that was our day!

We could not have been more happier!

Our Wedding Day – Part Six

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Off to the reception!

A sign I made

The seating chart

The ‘installation’ I designed and the florist created in the ‘chill out area’

The ‘chill out area’

Cushions my keen patch-working mother hand made, on the day bed

1 of my hand made soy wax candles

Our Cake!

The amazing detail. From Faye Cahill

Our bon favs

And of course the view!!!

The funniest part of the day was probably when my mum charges over to me and says in a surly manner

“Well I am sorry, I had to apologise to all the guests…”

In my head, omg, what has happened now! Is this the end of my stress free wedding day and the beginning of the drama?

… “I had to apologise for inviting them to this dump of a place, make them look at that ugly view, feed them terrible food and drink champagne!”

Her humour is very sarcastic and it was very funny when she said it as she did get me. I was really worried!

The rest of the night went off without a hitch!

Our Wedding Day – Part Five

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

After the ceremony, there were double air kisses all round. There was a group shot and lots of new family shots. So many so, I had a little princess moment and nearly fainted. I had to sit down and take a breather. No my dress wasn’t too tight, yes I had eaten, it was hot, but not crazy hot. I just had an episode.

Next it was hubby and I in our own car, with bridal party following for the photo session.

My new husband and I

The exact shot I have had dreams about getting! The one and only reason I wanted a veil.

My dress and veil was so fun!

A Kiss!

The amazing sky!

The weather Gods absolutely answered my prayers and smiled down on me.

The overcast morning that I was frowning at, had disappeared and in its place was the most PERFECT weather.

The weather in the morning was really bad. I turned to my sister “Oh man, look at the sky, I picked our wedding date to be in the summer, so I had the best possible odds of not getting a rainy day” She turns to me and says “You know what? I don’t think it will clear up, I think this is the best it’s going to get”


I turn back at her and say

“Whether or not if that is what you honestly think! YOU DON’T FUCKING SAY THAT TO A HIGHLY STRUNG BRIDE ON HER WEDDING DAY!!! Are we fucking clear??”

Looking at me like a puppy that had just been flogged, she confirmed that was clear.

She thinks for a second and comes up with this

“You know what, those clouds are heading out west, away from the coast where the reception is, once they blow over, the blue sky will come out”

I thought it was a total fabrication to make me feel better. But you know what, it was true!

I had asked for a day that was sunny, but not too sunny that my super heat sensitive husband didn’t like, he was after all in a suit. Wasn’t totally a cloud free sky, that makes for boring photography, but let these clouds not being carrying rain. Allow their to be enough wind to blow my veil and dress to assist in awesome photographs, but not to be a nuisance and ruin my hair.

I was VERY specific, and I got exactly what I had dreamed of!

Our Wedding Day – Part Four

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Rosemary was being pinned to the arriving guests.

A Croatian tradition

My Dad, the best bridesmaid a girl could have!

Prepping ourselves before the ceremony. A few little butterflies where starting now.

Walking into the church

and down the aisle.

My vogue girls, may remember the little break down I had pre-wedding about the Christmas decorations still being up. Here is a shot where you can see them. But, on the day, It didn’t really matter.

The readings, the vows, the exchange of rings

A kiss, the signing of documents

And we are done!

Our Wedding Day – Part Three

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Then it is time for some more photo’s before we head off to the church. The one and only problem occurred about now. My husband texts my sister and to inform me that the cars will be black and n0t silver. It really wasn’t a problem, no it was not what I booked, but there is nothing I can do…. “don’t sweat the small stuff,” I reminded myself. The day will be fantastic and the colour of the cars is not going to be the corner stone.

This photos makes me forget each and every stitch I lovingly sewed for this veil.

(Oh and P.S, I also sewed the white curtains too)

Time to head out

Walking down the hall way of our apartment building

Arriving at the church

Still no  nerves.

Our Wedding Day – Part Two

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Then I start getting snappy at the photographer, “Hey Tim, take a pic of this…..

oh and this…

and when you are done taking pics of this…

how about a pic of this!

Ohh Tim, Tim… are you still listening? make sure you don’t forget this”

What??? Bridezilla…. Well if a very detailed oriented person is bridezilla, then yes, I am bridezilla.

Then it is time for me to dress.

Who moi?

Oui Moi.

The dress

The shoes

The Veil

The curiosity

The last minute checks

The finished product

Our Wedding Day – Part One

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

On Sunday, the Ninth of January I married my Mr Wonderful.

I would like to write a blog post about the day. A Journal, that records our special day!

The night before, I had my 2 bridesmaids come over. I always knew I would be be finishing off my veil the night before the wedding. Well I wasn’t wrong. My veil was finished, completed. But I showed my sister and she confirmed my thoughts that the veil was just too darn long. I did want drama, but this was bordering on ridiculous! I had to cut the comb off it and snip a good foot of tulle and re-gather and sew the comb back on!

We then went to the great asian place down the road, filled our bellies and came back to the apartment for a show down of trivial pursuit! There was even a question about The Galapagos Is. that I promptly squealed the answer out at the top of my lunges. It wasn’t for a cheese though!

Midnight rolls around and it’s time to hit the hay. My sister and I in my bed and Mr W’s sister on the couch (no complaints) she managed to sleep. I tried to doze off at around 1-ish… I woke periodically to look at the window and check the weather. The rain was coming down. I was getting upset!! At 5am! That was it. I was awake. I started chatting to my sister.

We all shower and head off to breakfast.

I was so distracted at breakfast, all I could do was gaze at the window at the grey and gloomy skies. The flags on the streets signs, blowing back and forth. I was just waiting for the rain to start at any moment.

Back up to the apartment and the Hair and Makeup artist arrived. A brief chat about what we wanted and she got to work.

My lovely make up artist starts calling me O.C.D, now. I am not o.c.d…. far from it, but when I have a strong vision of what I want. I can turn into a snappy bitch. I worked really hard to get the apartment looking amazing and most of all TIDY. So when my sister starts not packing up after herself, I get snappy! As her punishment, I made her clean the balcony windows!!!!! And boy did she get out there with gusto! So much so, she forgot to put shoes on and her feet went black, we gave her a towel and she was right.

Next up the florist arrived with our bouquets! Then my parents, god parents, god sister and aunty arrive! Our one bedroom apartment is starting to feel really small and it’s starting to get chaotic. My two bridesmaids and junior bridesmaid dress and the photographer arrives.