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6 years!

Friday, February 25th, 2011

6 years ago today, was the first time I met my Mr Wonderful!

He sent me an R.S.V.P kiss a week earlier, 3 emails and a longer chat on MSN on the 23rd of Feb, a text on the Friday the 25th morning and a date in the evening!

And as they say, the rest is history!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I was 16 and him, 23!!!

I wasn’t even qualified to make an r.s.v.p profile. But I am rebel. My friend urged me to make one. I actually had it since I was 15!!!

So I had to input my age as 18, a year went past and my r.s.v.p profile age was now 19!

Hence, my new husband is not a paedo ok because he thought he was contacting a 19 y.o!

Then in one of the emails I said, Ohh I am not 19, I am really 17 but I had to put in a different age to sign up.. he freaked a little! (but I was really still 16) Then 2 weeks later I turned 17 and he thought it was my 18th birthday! I held out for 5 months and then I finally told him. . .

“Umm, you know when it was my birthday… I didn’t turn 18, I only turned 17″

His head was spinning, he was like…

“How old are you really??”

Then I told my parents I was dating a 23 year old that I met on the internet. That is one way to send your olds into cardiac arrest, let me tell you!

I was just smitten over this guy. Nothing like I expected.

I was just totally relaxed about it. I let him come pick me up in his car for a date after… what some non-verbal communication! No one knew where I was going, or who with. I didn’t even know his last name. But something inside me always believed everything would be alright. (besides, I can putch and kick and I have a mobile phone)

I only spoke to him once on the phone.. and that was when he was around the corner, so I could come out.

His voice was sooo deep. And that is when it dawned on me, that I didn’t even know anything about this guy.

But I wasn’t scared or held reservations. I really did just jump into the deep end.

He pulled up in a Toyata Camry! YUCK! Then I was like, erghh this is going to suck.

He had the most PUTRID car seat covers! After the car, that was the next thing I noticed. They were some serious crime against textiles…. faux snake skin!!! (Oh and P.S his mum made them)

But then I saw his face! (Thank god, it was the same one I had seen on his 4 profile pictures . . .  phew!)

So, I got in. We drove down the high way and he barely made conversation with me. He was SOOOOO nervous, it really showed. But I wasn’t.

He asked me if I had met anyone else off the net, I answered truthfully with a yes, just one guy. He said he hadn’t and that he admitted to being nervous!

Well Duh! (I fell in love right there) He was soooo cute and vulnerable. I just wanted to hug him!

He leaned behind my sit and from the back seat foot well he pulled out his CD library.

His taste in music was YUCK! He had not one but 2 Back street boys CD’s!!

Talk about embarrassing! I honestly couldn’t find a cd I wanted to listen to, so I just said “ohh the radio is fine”

I felt like a bitch! But too bad.

Then we arrived at the movies. I let him choose the movie. He chose that stupid movie, Constantine with Kenau Reeves. What a dumb choice.

Then he did the unthinkable, he used his EXPIRED student concessional card and asked my for my student card for cheaper rates!! I told him I forgot it because I petrified he would see my real age!

Tight arse!

There was a little wait until we could go into the cinema, so we walked around the closed shops, there wasn’t really anything we could do.

He was soooooo shy… he didn’t even speak to me.

The only thing I remember him saying was pointing out my pedicure.

I thought he was talking about the polish being all chipped and I got slightly offended

but he was asking why every 2nd toe was pink and the others gold.

Then we watched the movie. It was bloody boring. But he did gain the courage to hold my hand the WHOLE WAY THROUGHOUT!

Back to being in love!

Afterward, he drove me home.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Since that night . .

I have always know it was you!

I love your taste in music. I love that you saved up for that camry and bought it outright, no finance, I love that you chose a sensible car, I love that you have upgraded it twice since. (hehehe evil) I love that you can be so shy and quiet. I love that you are a tight arse!!!! No, I really do! I love that you try and get the best deals on everything. There is nothing wrong with saving a buck or two and you taught me that. I love that you are sweet and romantic. I love that you took a chance with me. I love all the fun things we have done since that night.

I love you babe! Happy Anniversary!

Love your wife, Laura

Dining table chairs!

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

What do we all think of this dining table chair?? I am looking for dining table chairs, I have been looking for like 4 years!

Louis XV from La Maison

Is it too french provincial? I can get it custom upholstered in my OWN fabric… the possibilities are just endless!

After reading this issue of Architectural Digest… confirms that my style is… no style, just miss-matched. I will fill my place with what ever I love, if my place is full of stuff I love, then that is what is right.. for me. As long as the colour palette flows nicely, it will work.

Ohhh I'm sorry, just a mag I picked up in Miami!

See the cover, their is like 10 different styles of chairs in there (starting to sound like play school.. there’s a bear in there) And I just love everything about the room! And frankly all the rooms that feature in the magazine. Oh except for some hallway of mirrors from the vein Daphne Guinness.

This is our dining table. (that will be delivered when we move back in!)

And they are the dining table chairs that I love (SOOO COMFY) but so expensive!

Plus this furniture is perplexing me! Is it modern.. well not really it employs old fashioned joinery.. is it old fashioned.. No.. It like doesn’t really have a style code.

I wouldn’t buy the Louis chairs and put it with a french country table… because then it wouldn’t work with a streamline couch.. the whole thing would be dumb. That is why I don’t want our place to have a label, a style. Maybe I’ll settle for mis-matched!

But I can modernised the louis chair with some amazing fabric!!

Arghhh.. I need to find some other choices for dining table chairs!!! But where from?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Moving on,

It’s my birthday on the 11th!

I would like these.

From Jean Dousset


Another day, another braid

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

. . . and another photo booth picture!

(please forgive, I look pale, I am not wearing makeup)

This time, I got all adventrous and did it the whole way across the top of my head, watch out world!

I am building up to hopefully being able to do this . . .

Or this . . .

Maybe, Ill put a ribbon in there too!

Anyways, back to the first pic. Can you see the near-empty wardrobe behind me?

The moving out had begun.


Thursday, February 24th, 2011

There is nothing I love more then typography…. well, except, maybe to laugh!!!!!!

A capital offense by Tom Gabor

It’s killing it!

Moving Out!

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

There is nothing worse then MOVING! Ohh wait, yeah.. if you are going to move one day then a few days later move back again!!!!

That is what we will be doing this weekend.

Remember our floors got damaged by the negligent renters upstairs? Well the time has come to replace the floors.

We will move everything out, except the stuff in the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom and putting it all in storage. Sleeping in a serviced apartment and then moving it all back in again. Oh Joy!!!!

So now I am off on a mission to Kennards to buy 30 boxes, port-a-robes, plasma boxes and mattress and lounge protectors.

We need to pack away our stuff for the serviced apartment and our valuables. So help me if anything gets lost, damaged or our new floor get scratched!!

I am not even excited about the new floors! I went and looked at the sample that they are putting in, looks the same as what we have (but they assure me it’s different. I thought this was an opportunity to change the colour.. they showed me other colours in the same price bracket…umm can you say YUCK? I showed them what I liked.. but that is $1500 extra! But hopefully, we won’t be cooped up in this one bedder much longer, so it wasn’t worth it.

The colour of our floors look nice in real life, the moment you photograph it though, it goes the worst colour of yellow!

I want AMERICAN WALNUT! *Stamps Foot*


Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

For the wedding, like most girls, I decided to grow my hair. The bonus with having a long engagement meant, plenty time to do it.

Here is a pic of me – October 2009 (Although I was proposed to in Dec 2008, it took me a little while to decide to grow it. But this is when I decided)

Not the best pic, but I had one of those A-lines cuts, where it is REALLY short at the back and long at the front.

And one month after the wedding!

It would be even longer, with out the curl.

Its now long enough to play with it! I did a braid!

Do you love the face??

It was (unfortunately) the best pic that showed the braid!

Oh and P.S I have been growing my eye brows too, so don’t let them throw you! I am getting them seen too next week from a reliable source!

More of our wedding stationery

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Save the date

Reception Menu

Envelope – back and front

Detail shot

Our Bonbonnieres

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

2 types of tea and a jar of honey, bundled up in a brown paper bag!

Write a bike

Monday, February 21st, 2011

How darn cute is this!!!! LOVE IT!

Courtesy of Behance

Jason Wu

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Ready-to-Wear Autumn/Winter 2011/12

I wish I was this chic!

I am having a huge obsession with lace these days! I love the cut of that skirt. The whole outfit is heaven!