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So, I am on my honeymoon….

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Today we visited 3 of  the most beautiful cathedrals and basilicas in Quito, Ecuador.  I was absolutely bursting with inspiration when we left, we were forbidden to take photos in the churches that provided the most. So, I came back to the hotel and did some of my own work…. Is that bad to do on a honeymoon… work???

The honeymoon has been great so far. Now, I am actually afforded the time to have a conversation with my husband. Time to breath and reboot. Things are looking really good and hopefully mellow in 2011. Have had the time to outline goals we hope to achieve in this year!!!

2010 was an absolute blur for me. All I remember doing was working like a fuckhead and driving myself into the ground. 2011 is not going to be like that… I still want to work hard, really hard… but have way more balance. The last half of 2010, I didn’t even cook a single decent meal for Mr Wonderful and I.

I love to cook, and frankly, that wasn’t good enough.

This is bizarre, but I cant wait to get home, give it a good clean, bring in the positive energy and get cracking on bringing my new business to life!!!

Also, post all the amazing honeymoon photos we have snapped! Wedding Photos.

Galapagos Is. awaits!!!

We Are Married!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Just  wanted to give my blog some loving. I have been far too busy doing… oh um… I dont know… not much at all!!!

We are in our third location in Costa Rica for our honeymoon. I cant wait to inform you all about the honeymoon, post tonnes of pics and videos and also, I will be doing a comprehensive guide to my wedding, the vendors, feedback and my view on everything. Should assist anyone planning a Sydney wedding.

As for the wedding day, it was just perfect!!!! And I really mean it. To be 100% honest, there was only 2 things that didn’t go to plan, but it honestly didn’t matter or affect the day. 1 was we booked silver cars, but one broke down in the morning and they sent black cars. The other was this sign I made, had a protective coating still left on it (Mr not so wonderful, told me not to pull it off myself before, because it might get damage in transit, we both assumed it would be taken off by the person who hung it…. assumputions… the biggest of all fuck ups.) Upside of this was, instead of everyone thinking it was perspex (which it was) they thought it was sheet metal.

I didn’t sweat the small stuff and that is very important!!!

Here is a glimpse of Mr Wonderful and I on our wedding day.

Going on my Honeymoon

Friday, January 14th, 2011

The most boring blog post, yet the most exciting for me….. and my husband!!!!!

Waiting for the taxi to collect us and take us to the AIRPORT!!

Today we fly to L.A to start our HONEYMOON!!!

Vidimo se!!

I’ll be back with vengeance in very late Feb!!!

P.S  I am no longer planning a wedding!!

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Well little blog, today is the day of my wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got the best part of 4 hours sleep. Spent the night wondering how my man is going. He is shy and has been getting quite anxious.

Soon we will be on our honeymoon!! But first, best be having the time of our lives!!!!!!!

Can’t wait to see my Mr Wonderful and be Mrs Wonderful.

Don’t worry be happy

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

I got upset today about something to do with the wedding, but then I watched this video,

Sunrise Video Link

And I don’t mind any more.

So much to inform you, but FAR too busy!!

1 week till Honeymoon!

Attention Everyone

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

I have finally finished my veil for the wedding!!!!