What is new with me

Hi Everyone,

I have worked myself into the ground! I am SICK, run down, exhausted.. beyond tired. To rectify this I have started a regime of multi vitamins and taking 2 fish oil capsules, not here and there.. but every single day. My water in-take has been good as well.

I have been doing stupid things, like slicing my finger! Going to Big W to buy a power board, paying for power board and coming back with NO power board. Going to Studio Fabric (I personally think this store is better then tessuti’s for bridal lace.. more range of trims, which is what I was interested in) and buying beaded lace trim for my veil… I bought enough lace for the OLD veil size….. so I am about 75cm short of lace! I am really not interested in going back to the city, paying for parking to buy a scrap of lace! Arghhh I was soooo sure I had it right! I thought I would have excess. Then it dawned on me. Yesterday I printed the very last of the wedding invite envelopes, I stuffed about 5 of them, I just wasn’t getting it.

I blame it all on my brain running on low memory. My brain is full and not taking on any more new information.

In other news, I have already received 2 R.S.V.P’s back!!!! I have filed them away accordingly.

Bridesmaid shoes have been purchased!

My sister came over and made about 50 candles for me!!! (Another stuff up, I used the wrong size wick in about 12 of them!!!!!)

My veil is only 25% sewn (I have a new lace trim which is more suited to my dress) It is taking longer to hand sew then I would have hoped!

Yesterday was a glorious overcast day, suitable for taking pics of gems!

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