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I just can’t believe this

Friday, November 26th, 2010

I feel so loved right now.

The other day on my favourite forum, I posted a ‘Help me – S.O.S – I am drowning’  comment and the amount of offers I got for assistance was more then the r.s.v.p’s that are coming to my hens night!

I just cannot believe how amazing the internet is. It does make sense though, I have been bunkered down and more of my time is spent on the internet then in reality, hence why I would have more support from people on the internet.

I just went to check the mail (I am getting good at this and Mr W would be so proud) I found:

1) Our credit card bill, oh joy

2) Another wedding R.S.V.P – Yay!

3) and something else, that made me crouch down in the piazza out the front of my building and tear the envelope open!!!

Pretty self explainatory.

Being 6 weeks out of my own wedding, I am feeling, stressed, overworked and under-appreciated. This just changed everything!

Thank you Nicole and Brad for putting that smile back on my dial. Restoring faith and making believe everything I am doing is worth it!

Nicole contacted me earlier in the year after I had just completed these invitations for her co-worker and I created this for Nicole and Brad.

I just feel a bit beside myself at the moment. When I was starting out doing graphic design. I use to read blogs and see portfolios on-line and NEVER would I have thought I would be up there. At their calibre. When I was 17 and I had come across my own blog or website and was able to read about myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. I cannot believe I am the same person and what I have achieved in a few short years. I would never imagine I would have found Mr Right, be crazy in life and planning the wedding of my dreams. I thought falling in love and getting married happened when you were nearing thirty and figured it was about time. How naive I have been. I now know, that wedding bells can sound at ANY age! My former boss will wed her partner of 20+ years. I wouldn’t imagine that I would be a business owner and having my business prosper so nicely. I would never imagine I would have that much confidence and passion in myself.

But here I am.

Getting ready to Partay!

Friday, November 26th, 2010

I had to whip up my own veil today because the one I ordered 6 weeks ago, never came!!! It was my first order from Esty and it didn’t arrive. That is a great start!

So here is what I came up with. Just a simple shoulder length veil.

I never thought I would post a picture of myself on the net with my hair tied up, but there you have it! My big ears for the world to see!

Here is a picture from my sister!!! Yes, that is indeed a treadmill acting as a model.

Something cute

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

From GreenWeddingShoes

Yesterday, I had a nice day! Me and my GPS headed off around town. From Marrickville to Surry Hills – To see my florist! Ahhh I am in love with his work!! Just can’t wait!!! Then to Tessuti Fabrics Then cross city tunnel way to Double Bay! I picked up my 3 gorgeous head pieces!! Then to Banskstown! What a nightmare!!! Stupid GPS! There was an incident on the M5 and the entry was closed, the gps kept trying to redirect me, and hit the entrance from a different way! All in all I went to 3 different M5’s entrances, only to be met with police barricades!! I still have no idea what happened!!! Then I finally got to Bankstown an hour and a half later! I had lunch with my mum and then and I was off to Annandale to get a refund on stupid bridesmaid dresses.

So much for a day off!! I get home, decide to check the mail (I never check it, I leave that to Mr Wonderful) but because I am excited to receive R.S.V.P’s for our upcoming wedding. I checked. Anyways, No R.S.V.P’s!!! If you are reading this, and you have been invited! Please tick and box and post it! Ta! But there was a slip about a missed package to be picked up at the post office! Poor Mr W, the one time he tries and surprises me, the one time I check the mail and ruin it!

He knows I have been waiting impatiently for empty MAC palettes to come in stock and he has been keeping an eye on them and got them for me. Because he knows I am busy and saw it as a little thing he could do for me!!! Also, because he would like the bathroom counter clear of copious amounts of eyeshadows and if they can be stored in something more space saving that that makes him happy too.

Then Mr W came home and we headed to Leichhardt for our LAST marriage prep course!

In other news. We had a man come to the apartment this morning from the flooring company. The verdict is, we need to MOVE OUT for 3 – 4 days and the whole floors need to be replaced!! GAH!!! I have no idea where we are going to live and where all of our stuff will go!! Even everything in the wardrobe needs to go!!! Because the floorboards go under them. The skirting boards need to come off!!

The upside is, nice new floor boards and we can pick a new colour!!! I was never too keen for the current colour! In the meantime, I am having difficulty in getting through the front door. The floor boards have bubbled up and block it!

OMG! Life sucks some times!

Happy 1 year

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Happy 1 year birthday to my blog!

Some good news

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Qantas set to resume some A380 flights

Yes, some good news in this rather gloomy day.


Ok, not gloomy, fucking horrendous. I had a mother fucking melt down today.

I don’t even have the time or the energy to explain what happened. But a few people got yelled at, a few tears were shed (by me) and a few people should be pulling their fingers out now.

Why does it take me to throw a tantrum for people to realise how much I am upset?

47 days

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

I was too scared to check how many days…. but I didn’t want to live in denial.

I just saw this over at Design*Sponge

Its my little coral guy!!!! My one, looks just like that one.

Mine is still in its bubble wrap. I will have to think of some way to display it. I think I will inevitably put it in a box frame.


Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Dear Diary,

What have we done to deserve this?

Why did we both have to work late (me 12.5 hours) and come home at 9pm from work to find my fiance panic stricken with mop in hand?

Why did our apartment have to be flooded with water from upstairs negligence? (Laundry hose burst, and the TENANTS are on international vocation, thank god they are also negligent enough to leave their balcony door unlock,  for easy access to their apartment. Thank God, Mr W is a gangily, daddy long legged spider man, and can jump from one balcony to another and gain entry, with out requiring the assistance of a lock smith) Also leaving their full name on a pet day care bill document left in plain view on their dining table)

Why did we have to spend 4 hours cleaning not only their apartment but ours too, to save the floor boards buckling and warping beneath us? (Thank god for strata and a building warranty, our floors will be replaced)

Why do we have to replace our floors in this point in time? We PHYSICALLY do not have the time or space to move ANYTHING, cannot have any time off work to action this… really in fact, do this!

Why do we have to go to marriage preparation classes when there isn’t much to offer us. There has been no “Ah Ha” moments of realisation, content and strategies that were new and beneficial? (We are a ‘validating couple’ and we are going to make it!) Although, I enjoy the classes, I feel like it is time spent that was not necessary, more of a luxury, an option.

Why did we have to pay for this privileged of loss of time?

Why did I have to go to the bridesmaid dress shop to be presented with dresses that were a complete different colour to the ones I ordered and without any beading as ordered?

Why am I 7 weeks out from my wedding without bridesmaid dresses, for something I actioned on MAY THE NINETEENTH!!!!

Why is it another day, another Qantas scandal? (I really want to get excited about our honeymoon, but the prospects of flying A380 to LA is looking slimmer and slimmer, and the prospects of experience drama is greater and greater with Qantas)

Why are we both struggling under tight deadlines and projects that need to be completed at work?

Why are we only getting 5 hours of sleep a night?

Why is this happening to us? Is this actually the quasi preparation course? Is this Gods own way of preparing us. If we can get through this, we can get through anything?


A very distressed bride to be


What is new with me

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I have worked myself into the ground! I am SICK, run down, exhausted.. beyond tired. To rectify this I have started a regime of multi vitamins and taking 2 fish oil capsules, not here and there.. but every single day. My water in-take has been good as well.

I have been doing stupid things, like slicing my finger! Going to Big W to buy a power board, paying for power board and coming back with NO power board. Going to Studio Fabric (I personally think this store is better then tessuti’s for bridal lace.. more range of trims, which is what I was interested in) and buying beaded lace trim for my veil… I bought enough lace for the OLD veil size….. so I am about 75cm short of lace! I am really not interested in going back to the city, paying for parking to buy a scrap of lace! Arghhh I was soooo sure I had it right! I thought I would have excess. Then it dawned on me. Yesterday I printed the very last of the wedding invite envelopes, I stuffed about 5 of them, I just wasn’t getting it.

I blame it all on my brain running on low memory. My brain is full and not taking on any more new information.

In other news, I have already received 2 R.S.V.P’s back!!!! I have filed them away accordingly.

Bridesmaid shoes have been purchased!

My sister came over and made about 50 candles for me!!! (Another stuff up, I used the wrong size wick in about 12 of them!!!!!)

My veil is only 25% sewn (I have a new lace trim which is more suited to my dress) It is taking longer to hand sew then I would have hoped!

Yesterday was a glorious overcast day, suitable for taking pics of gems!


Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Metal Hair Comb

Can’t wait for this either

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Get in touch wit’ mother nature, y’all

Can’t wait to be surrounded by butterflies, hummingbirds and FROGS!!! All those childhood creatures from the books to finally be seen in real life AND UP CLOSE!


I made this picture, 2nd year design student.

An ode to my lovelies!