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These are a few of my favourite things

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Just adding a gallery, Whilst waiting for videos to render. Help me get through this tough day and remind me why I am working so hard.

D.I.Y Veil

Friday, October 29th, 2010

I wasn’t going to rest until I had at least given the d.i.y veil a crack.

Last night was the night. I got home from work and late night shopping at 9pm. I bought this:

But I got a different print

For my Kitchen Tea tomorrow.

I whipped the tulle out and went for it. Threw caution to the wind. It was only $9 a metre anyways.

This veil is 2.7metres long and 1.5 metres wide. But when I looked up “Cathedral Length” It says it is normally 3.05 metres long and 2.74 metres wide. (120inches long by 108 inches wide)

Well you can have it 54 inches, 72 inches or 108 inches. Depends how full you want it to look.

Next time. I will get 3 metres of tulle. (the width of the tulle off the err, ream…, I don’t know the word) is 2.7m. So then I can make a PROPER cathedral veil. (with the least amount of cutting)

I think it does need to be a little longer. I didn’t have shoes on.

I think the trim could have more DRAMA. Be a bit wider… What do we think about beading?? (Possibly be too heavy to do the ‘fly away’ shots)

OMG… too many things to think about.

Anyway, I was pretty happy with the veil. Only took 1 hour to make it. (I didn’t sew the trim on it though) only pinned.

I might make this veil shorter, and either sell it on etsy or wear it at the reception.


Tomorrow is my Kitchen/Shower. (kitchen tea, bridal shower) First Saturday off in 5.5 months!!!

Sooooo excited. My nails look horrible. I need to paint them, buff them, stop picking at the side of the cuticle…. I need to get some tan on me. I am pasty like a vampire. (I once had olive skin… a long, long time ago… when lunch breaks existed and 8 hours of sleep. Walks in the sunshine with Mr W.) Yes when all that occurred.

At least I have something to wear now.

I have a crazy deadline to meet tonight! I think I will be at work ALL NIGHT LONG!

Toodle oo.

See, I told you my Junior Bridesmaid was fabulous

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

This is proof.

She drew this for me!

She drew my veil and her dress to PERFECTION. That is also THE EXACT way Mr Wonderful stands next to me and touches the small of my back. She got that stance, in a tee.

See how she cleverly disguised my dress with a huge bouquet, as to not give it a away. She was there when we picked my dress. The way she drew Mr W’s hair is how I would love him to wear it, pushed forward. She must be in agreement that it obviously looks better.

Look what I just bought

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Ok, so I can’t settle on wedding earrings. I want to buy from the US to take advantage of the good aussie $$$$.

So, instead I bought

Baker's Twine

From The Twinery

You will see it feature somewhere, shortly.

Lass Creative

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Some of my recent works.

Emotional Intelligence

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Ok, that course (Emotional Intelligence) I bagged out on this blog, I attended today… and I really enjoyed it.

There, I ate my words.

This course was relevant to MANY aspects of my life right now.

There was another girl on the course who is also getting married on the same day as me. WACKY!

So is 2 other voguettes. Must be a popular day even though it is a Sunday.


Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

As a follow up to my MEN! post.

I present WOMEN!

My Godsister is hosting my Bridal Shower. She is ten and too fabulous for this planet. My Godmother emails me the other day, to tell me that out of the 28 invites they posted, only 11 responses have been received. (2 of those are declines) (3 of them were responses to ME that I forwarded to her.)

Let’s get this straight, I am the guest of honour. Yes a guest, just like you are. I am not the host. My name was not the one stipulated on the r.s.v.p.

Outside of my family and people that I work with… (as in my friends) how many r.s.v.p’d correctly? A big fat zero!!!!!

That is so disappointing and embarrassing. Well they are my words. The words my Godmother used to sum this up was “Rude”.

Some of the girls that didn’t respond, surprised me. They are girls which will find out the hard way how it feels to not have people respond to their UP COMING events. Err, who am I kidding, one doesn’t even know what an invitation is. She believes a facebook group invite will suffice. She will not be phased.

The ladies that got it spot on were my immediate family (+one Aunty.. whom I consider immediate) and former co-workers. Why did I ever leave a place like that? Taste, manners and class all round!

So there you have it. It is not hard to tick a box, drop it in the red post box, make a phone call. READ THE CARD. It really isn’t. Please don’t bother me with your excuses.

52 Suburbs

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

A blog I followed from its 3rd week of inception has reached the finishing line.

The concept for this blog was very basic, but the result was far from that.

Each week Louise canvassed a different Sydney suburb, illustrating a photographic narrative of the beauty that lay in that ‘burb. My favourite part of each post was the juxtaposed images.

Thank you Louise, for reaching the end, you made it after all the times you doubted yourself. It was the high-light of my week to see which suburb you had been to and what you had gotten up to. Your efforts are commendable. You accomplished one mean feat. You were true to yourself, your consistency and quality is something to be admired. You were courageous and adventurous. You took initiative,  introduced yourself to people I wouldn’t be game to and not only have a chat, you managed to get a photo of them too.

Exhibit A

If you haven’t seen this blog, then shame on you!

A book is rumoured for mid 2011! A coffee table favourite for all.


Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

I got the flowers, now I need a card…. for the flowers!! hahahahaha

How good is this!

Old Tom Foolery Cards from the Notemaker


Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Today is a rant post!

So if you are not up for reading my bitch sesh on this gorgeous dreary Tuesday, then turn away.

It is about my beloved Mr Wonderful. Although things are all sorted between us now, I feel its my duty to let my loyal followers in on the tirade that occurred between us.

Okay, the love of my life caused me some unnecessary grief on Friday and Saturday.  His actions, or lack of actions made me pull out Bridezilla on him, actually no. I am not going to sugar coat the word by adding the prefix ‘bride’ to ‘zilla’ derived from ‘godzilla’ I WAS GOD FUCKING ZILLA! I was screaming down at him from the top of a building, waving my hands around while shooting fire. I was on a mission and he was my prey.

It is 11 weeks to our wedding. We have been engaged for 90 weeks. December the 12th, 2008. That was a LOOOONNNGGG time ago!

What started this whole thing off was that ages ago I mentioned that I forgot that I was actually getting married to someone else in this wedding day and there is a person there to help make this day happen and that it is not to fall only squarely between my shoulders. That someone else is the groom to be, Mr W.

I was completely overwhelmed and was drowning in a to do list. I told him this and I said I am going to delegate some work to him. This would have been AT LEAST 3 months ago. I started small and asked him to do ONE task.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not a total attack on Mr W… I am marrying him because I am head over heels in love with him. He is a VERY organised/tidy person. He works very hard and never slacks off. After hours he has been working on a big project for a contract we got through my business. He does this work after hours. He never leave ANYTHING to the last minute, this is why I was sooo baffled.

I work 6 days a week and work on other projects through my business so I have about ZERO free time. I work weekends and far away. We don’t get days off together. He has a standard 9 – 5 job.

Now, fast forward to Friday…….. Has he done it……….. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Started it? NO!
I had plans to delegate more things to him. But time is escaping and I seem to be the only person noticing.

I was insanely disappointed. Disappointed in ways I never new I could be disappointed. I gave him a task that was not out of his scope. Was not given with an unrealistic time-line.

All I got was pathetic excuses. Please don’t tell me you are time poor. You do not know what the fuck time poor is.

I sacrifice my lunch break to do more or my own work. I eat my Lean fucking Cuisines at my desk. Its is okay for you to eat half a horse and remain svelte, get hour lunch breaks and breath fresh air. I am getting married in less then 3 months, that is why I am calorie counting, REMEMBER… Yes.. we are getting married. Hmm

The next straw came when he tells me, only NOW does he decide he wants a tailored suit. I go off! “Ummm don’t you think its a bit late for that!!

I called him all the names under the sun. (Naive, delusional, ignorant, arse hole,) I threw in a handful of “How fucking dare you” some of “Was it your intention to cause me stress” and pinch of “I am so angry at you I could explode” And a helluva lot of “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Come Saturday and he still hadn’t quite got through his brain how close our wedding is. He had a meeting with a tailor in the morning. Bottom Line, 6 weeks to get the material, 4 weeks to make it…… Hello.. our wedding date. He hadn’t even whipped out a calendar and seen that would be scarily close to our wedding date.

I blew up again. He hadn’t taken anything I said the day before seriously. He is being DELUSIONAL!

We were having this conversation whilst it was the middle of the day and he was sitting at home. I was at work. I told him not to waste the day and get his suit organised TODAY, not tomorrow… TODAY!! I forcefully reminded him about the recommendation I got for suits of my hairdresser and said get in your car and GO!

He was nearly in the midst of a panic attack by this stage. Fast forward a few hours later. He rings me. He is at the store, he tell me he looks sexy and is standing in a suit he loves. I tell him I’ll be right there after work.

I drove from Parramatta to Paddington. He looked Magnificent! We managed to combine both of our likes into his suit.

He wanted a light grey suit. I wanted a suit with no stripes or textures. He wanted a white shirt. I wanted him to wear a white dress shirt with black buttons. He wanted to wear a skinny tie. I wanted him in a suit that fitted him PERFECT!

And we got all those things!!!!!! I have been telling him for years that he wears clothes that are too big for him. Yesterday it was confirmed. His shirt is 3 sizes smaller then he buys! A Ha!

I am marrying a male model, people! I knew it.

The customer service we received was amazing at Pierucci on Oxford St, Paddington.

On the way home. (because we were in 2 different cars) I ring him and say, let’s meet at Dank’s St Depot for dinner. I have wanted to go here for a LONG time. I use to live right near it and never went there. It was on the way home, and he agreed. The food there was SOOO good. Thoroughly enjoyed our early dinner with the sun shining on our table as we basked in the fact that another wedding task was To-DONE!!!

When we got home. I noticed these.

Check out my hand made soy candle collection I am growing!

They are “I’m sorry, I fucked up” flowers.

But, he fucked up with the flowers too. He once blamed ME for getting an orange dust/stain all over a table the vase was sitting on. And this is the 2nd time since I demonstrated that is wasn’t me, it was the flowers that he has bought.

The first occasion he forgot that they were that type. This time, he though he was buying tulips, as they were still buds. Bless him. They are nice, I am not interested in high maintenance flowers!

Poor guy, what’s he doing marrying a girl like me?