I don’t have time to come up with a blog post name!

Hi Everyone!

I have so much to update you all on, but it all won’t make this blog post sadly!

In other sad news. My true love of my lifetime is jet-setting off tomorrow to Paris without me! (I think there should be a law against this. The abominable act of indecently neglecting the needs of partner to wit, Paris) He is going to Frankfurt for work.

In other more saddening news. I actually haven’t even been able to turn my mind to creating a very specific shopping list for him to fulfill. That is most atrocious.

I don’t really have any pressing wish list requirements……… well…. only to be by his side…. NAWwww!!! The only thing I have requested is a bottle of Eiswein. German ice wine.

Everyday he is gone, I will wake up and slap my face twice and chant “You are Lady Ga Ga bitch!” Another thing I will be doing is working EVERY SINGLE day he is away. This is not a choice. I am not liking my jobs at the moment. They fill that they can chop and change the days I work with out so much as advising me. I will be filming on Thursday (my day off) for one job and the other, my every so lovely¬† bitch supervisor has booked me into a fucking ridiculous course on, yes you guessed it, a Thursday for bettering my “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE” Ummmmmm WTF is that!!!!! Please, don’t waste my fucking time. How infuriating.

I haven’t even had a chance to update you all on how Tetsuya’s was for Mr Wonderful’s birthday.

Ill do my best to get it out succinctly. One word… starts with “D”..


Also, I went days after it lost a hat….. and now I see why.

Loving setting, service is impeccable. The food, hit and miss

Ill just go in order of courses.

Chestnut soup – pre dinner – HIT, Kingfish sashimi – HIT, Raw Scampi – MASSIVE MISS. The plate was chilled, it was TASTELESS, like eating water jelly served with a dollop of unflavoured cream. The appeal of this dish I must have surely missed. I also must learn the etiquette of placing the plate in order to show that I am finished. I did have my knife and fork together… but I don’t think the plate was pushed far enough away from me. It sat there for ages, then they finally asked if there was anything wrong… ah yah! That was crap. Next…. I think next was Tetsuya’s signature dish, the ocean trout. Yeh so so. I had a dish similar at Cutler and Co in Melbourne (except it was Rainbow Trout… Same difference in my not so loving fish eyes) and that knocked my socks off. This was boring.

Barramundi – Half Miss Half Hit. The Barramundi was a miss. If I wanted barra like that, I would cook it myself. It was nothing special at all. The skin wasn’t crispy, nothing. The artichoke was YUMMMMOOO though. Wish there was more of it.

I think next was ox tail….. UMmm excuse me… This was like when you scrape the bottom of your Le Crueset and gather all the little stuck bits of meat and then pile them up in a dome on a plate. It was just stringy pieces of meat! On top of this was sea cucumber. Dear Mr Tets….. what is the point of the sea cucumber in this dish????? Dumb founded. It honestly didn’t taste like anything.. If this is his idea of surf and turf then I am not happy. Also, don’t use an ingredient just for the sake of it…”ohhhh look at me… I have sea cucumber.” PPFFFffttt.

Duck dish…. can’t really remember this… mustn’t have been bad….. or good for that matter.

Angus beef – hit. The beef was cooked really well (although I think I rivaled it on the weekend with my beef roast!)

Just on a tangent… at the beginning of the night, they ask if you don’t like truffles or mushrooms. I said no… because I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! and was excited. There was only truffles in the whipped butter for the bread and the Beef dish had 1 measly mushroom.. and a swiss brown that I can buy at my local grocer. WOW… blow me away. No exotic nothing. I was expecting more.

Next was dessert. Pear sorbet… yeh nice, ho hum. Bread and butter pudding.. was nice.

Next up was the biggest disappointment of the night!!!

Wait for it……….

Picture this, Flute glass, in the bottom, crushed pistachios, then cream, then strawberries, then cream!

UMMMMMMMM are you fucking kidding me??? How much are you charging me for what umm… ANYONE CAN MAKE??????

jeeeeezzzuuzzz… that is a usual Sunday night at my place. I am sure we can all wash and hull some fucking strawberries and dollop some cream on. What a joke. I also saw another table with a fruit platter……

Last course was something that I REALLLY HATE…. I don’t know why lots of restaurants do this.

I have just devoured 9 courses and you give me a sickly rich and bitter chocolate pile of poo to eat and it also turns out to be your largest course and then you mock me when I can’t eat it. They also offer you a fortified wine which is also too sickly sweet for that time of the evening… I love chocolate and I love sweet…. but that shit don’t mix!

Also, our still water consumption came in at $16. Yes, for water.

The night was very lack lustre indeed.

I have more to blog about, but its 1.00am and I am BEAT!

Tomorrow… or shall I say today… Involves some bon voyage brunch for me and my mister then a trip to the airport to bid farewell and that will see the end of my precious weekend. *SOB*

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  1. Julie says:

    Very funny post, you see this is why Tetsuyas lost a hat, they are serving fruit platters!!

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