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It is all happening!

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Wow… and I am BACK!

As far as I know, the bridal shower prep is going off with out a hitch, the hen’s night is getting all sorted, massive deposits have been paid for the honeymoon! and now back on the main show!! The Wedding!

102 days to go!

My day off on Thursday is going to be a massive frenzy of wedding prep! I need to go to DeBra’s and get bridal spanx and corsetry. Then off to Beecroft to get re-measured for my gown. Then up to Chatswood for an appointment with the decorating and themeing company (chair covers, chandeliers.. that kind of thing) Then to the city to pick up my pendant and Robert’s wedding ring! Then…. welll…. umm I am sure I will think of more things to do!

Hens Night Hotel.

We settled on the Blue Hotel at Wooloomoollo


It’s from I Do Wedding Veils and they are based in SYDNEY!! They have an etsy shop too!

I have decided on this veil but cathedral length… to the length of my train. I have chantilly lace on my dress and I love that just the bottom edge will have lace, so it still have details but it is not overwhelming!

Round hanging glass candle holders

I have been searching for these for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I just found them

So the blog this was featured on, the lovely lady in the US mentioned where she got it from. I go over to there website which is American (That’s a GREAT thing… because look at our dollar!!!!! $$$$$) and check out if they ship internationally and Yes they do!!! I just have to get them to email me a quote on the shipping… no problem. My order total is $95…. I get an email in reply for $154.65 for JUST SHIPPING ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmmm WHAT?

They placed a big emphasis on they way they ship items, meaning they were really trying to justify the cost to me. Yeah.. so what. I have bought $3K worth of items in one transaction from the US and they shipped the exact same way (FedEx Priority International Shipping/insurance) and it was $60. I wrote a catty response back with a big please explain. I am not expecting a reply…. well I did get a reply, an automated one… OUT OF OFFICE… of course you are! Hmmmm

So my next hunting ground was back to wear I started. I saw these in the MYER emporium magazine a while ago. When the mag first came out, I went to the Parramatta and the Warringah store and NOTHING. No one knew what I was talking about, then I produced the magazine and still I was met with blank stares. “Ohhh darls, I haven’t even seen them… They have never been in this store”

Then I ring the city store, the Bondi Junction store and finally the Chatswood store. I keep getting the same response. No one has seen the damn things…. It was not a question that they were sold out. They never arrived and have never been stocked in their store. I then get fed up and ask for Head offices number. By this stage I have wasted 40 minutes on this fruitless search.

I really wanted to give it to myer! “Umm hi, I have money… and I want to spend said money… you have also spent money producing glossy magazines that advertise products… THAT I CAN’T FUCKING BUY!!! Please tell me what the point of that is”

So some lovely lady gives me ‘head offices number’ Well… no she didn’t.. She just gave me the city number in Melbourne, because coincidently Myer’s head office is in Melbourne. So when I quickly figure that out, I ask the man at the Melb city store to give me the Docklands Head office phone number, he assures me he can help me (even though they also have never seen these items either!!!) He said he would do the run around for me and he seemed quite helpful, he would ring the buyers/merchandisers/distributors for me and get back to me” This was at 10 to 9 in the morning.

At 4pm…. the same man rings me back and ….. and….. is inquiring …. what my fucking inquiry is!!

Ummm forget it.. I already found them on ebay for half the price.

Thanks losers!

Here they are in all their ebay goodness!

Pay Day tomorrow :)

Already spent it! :(

Friday, September 24th, 2010

ME: babe, you are my best friend
ME: I want you to know that
HIM: I know baby you are my best fried
ME: best FRIED… gee thanks
HIM: no problem

107 days to go…. still sounds like a long time away.. but I am FREAKING OUT.

At least my Mr Wonderful is back! And conversations like this follow:

ME: I have a massive head ache
HIM: did you have a headache in the last 8 days?
ME: no
HIM: is it me giving you the headache?

Ahhhh classic. That is the talk of a well trained man. Always take the blame for everything that is going bad in his ladies life!

P.S No, its not you my darling…. it is never you!

Forgot to add.

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

And to top it all off…. I went to bed last night sans earring.

I only have 1 pair of earrings. I don’t even have costume jewelry earrings. I just have the one pair that I wear all the time.

And I now I only have one half of that pair.


I am devastated.

Worst Day Ever.

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

It pains me to write this as I don’t want to revisit the car crash that was ‘yesterday’ but I know.. (well I hope) it will be funny to read in time to come.

I don’t like where I work on Monday’s… Monday’s suck. I don’t like the people I work with, I don’t like the place at all!

I was placed a role I have performed many times…. just never at this work place.. and they do things a bit different… which is fine.. whatever. What ever floats your boat.

Basically long story short.

I was accused of stealing $10 from my till.

Yes, I was accused by the same person who knows just earlier in the morning I transported $2600 in cash from one work place to the other and given it to one of these people. So, yes, I am given every opportunity to steal money at any point… but hey… maybe I will capitalise on just $10.

She asked me if my till being short happens to me all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Um yes…. I have a very bad record of counting money and I hand over the wrong change all the time … oh and when I am really bad… it just sometimes land in my very own pocket. Just ring other people I work with… they will tell you how dishonest and untrustworthy I really am. I am such a thief!

I was absolutely reprimanded for missing money I am sure I never had possession of. It makes for such a great place to work. Each mondays have just been getting worse and worse and yesterday was the icing on the cake.

They then asked me to put $10 of my OWN money in. and I know at previous workplaces that this DOES NOT occur. I honestly couldn’t tell if they were joking… so I took a gamble and went “hahah that is very funny” (cause I wasn’t in the mood for jokes) but… sadly she was serious. It was about now I wanted to say “FUCK OFF!”

They think I took the $10 and went and bought myself some lunch. Well listen here… I actually withdrew $1500 from my bank account and transferred it to U.S dollars in my lunch break. So I can have more them ample funds on my super luxurious honeymoon.

I really don’t need your 10 fucking dollars.

I then leave work to ring my mother and tell her about the SHIT day I have had. Just for her to tack on to the end of convo that she has taken it upon herself to buy new bridesmaid dresses. But Um…. I already have 2 $589 Lisa Ho dresses in my wardrobe. Oh and that she has already told my sister all about them….. if I didn’t ring her… who knows how long it would have been till I knew.

She also bought them from a place she KNOWS I hate. This left me with no choice but to do something about these bridesmaid dresses and buy a 3rd set. I have been working each and every single day without a break. I work at least 10 hour days! (just to finance this affair) To have someone make me waste at least $1000. That is just not fair….. oh… but I am Bridezilla.. aren’t I?

I bought new ones at $450 a pop! That need to get made. Then I had to haul a** to Cronulla straight after. Then when I finally got home at 11pm…..

I didn’t have my house keys! I was locked out of my apartment. Mr Wonderful is away in Germany.

I was not spending $200 on a locksmith. So I walked to the fire brigade and they put a ladder over the balcony and thank the heaven above one of my balcony sliding doors was open!

Just to reiterate again… I love where I live… I can get ANYTHING within a block…. including police and fire fighters.

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Mr Wonderful texted me today, saying he was boarding his flight to Frankfurt. I didn’t write back. Then I got a panic message saying “Hey babe, where you at? how you doin. Have arrived in Frankfurt.. Love you missing you so much!”

Ohhh yeah.

I didn’t text back!

What??? Do you think I am a bad fiance?

Oh poor baby.

You can’t just shoot off some text messages when you are in the midst of 1 million things! I know he will understand.

Then I told him (along with other things)…. “I don’t miss him like crazy yet” ahahhahah

Ok now I am really bad!

But, really… I am doing WAY better then I thought. Loving it in fact! This whole ‘being apart’ thing is GREAT for the soul.

Also means I can watching vids like this with out questions and raised eyebrows.

Well I am the eyebrow raiser in this house hold. Mr W is envious of my fabulous talent

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

This video is so _____________________ ??

OMG someone help me fill in the blanks!

I mean, I think I love him. How old is he?

I love this glasses. OMG HIS ENERGY!!

His hair is sooo good too!

Imagine if you were is mum and you walked in on him… I think it would be as awkward as him masturbating.

What compels someone to do film this and put it on youtube for everyone to see? This is the kind of behaviour you do when you are home alone and NO ONE will ever know! But, oh boy, I am glad he did. I was grinning from ear to ear.

In other news had a massive day of filming. Didn’t get home till 7.30pm!

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Yesterday I had bon voyage brunch with Mr W at Envy Cafe in Summer Hill. He devoured the big breakfast!

His last long distance flight saw him devour an Irish big breakfast in London and then he promptly vomited on landing in Singapore. Thank god it was at the end of the flight.

I reminded him of this event when he was eyeing off the last of my breakfast and whether he could feast on it.

The man loves his breakfast! I was loving the fact that we had the opportunity to go to a cafe TOGETHER. With both of us working different days, we are never free together. So that was particularly nice to do before being separated.

We then whipped by the bank to get some Euro’s. Then off to the airport. He checked in. I insisted on rolling around his carry on baggage and his passport, only because I wanted everyone to think I was the high flying business woman going away on a junket. He indulged my fantasy….. well either that.. or he was glad I was carrying all his junk!

We browsed the limited shops….. I think duty free is such a rort these days. There is absolutely no value for money. The only thing I believe you would save a bit of money where you wouldn’t normally be able to is if you bought a luxury item that never has sales and always sells at RRP, no discounts anywhere.

I am certain that the alcohol we saw is cheaper at Dan Murphy’s. Biotherm is still cheaper from strawberrynet.

Then it was time to bid adieu. I gave him a big kiss, he gave me a big cuddle, told me he will miss me then departed down a corridor I am not welcome. He looked back at me twice, I think his eyes were a little red. I was sad face frowning.

But I am not going to be a big pathetic baby head over here, I turned on my heel and high tailed it outtta there. Partly because my eyes welled up a little too and because the airport parking is expensive! $21!!!!!

I pulled out my trusty GPS and was en route to Matraville, when my baby rings me! I was so naughty. I was on the M5, on my phone, in an unknown area with a GPS talking to me and cables going everywhere, as I try to plug Mr Gps in, as I try to plug my phone in as I try to talk to my baby and see what is up! I mean I only said good bye 5 mins ago.

He tells me that he forgot to say “I love you” to me. I said… yeah I forgot too. At least you said you will miss me. He said “I am sorry I didn’t say I love you, I was in shock, like I can’t believe this is happening” (meaning us not being together) I said “That is ok, I know you do love me very much… now have a safe flight.. I can’t stay on the phone”

Poor baby.

So then I went to the candle wholesale place and picked up some more goodies. They are so helpful there. I went home and distracted myself in a big candle making effort.

Mr Wonderful has safely landed in Paris and is enroute to work!

Tonight I received a call from him Mum. So sweet.

She wanted to know if he rson had arrived safely. I told her yes he arrived at Paris at 3pm. She was like Paris????? I thought he was going to Germany. She was a little hurt because Mr W didn’t fully disclose his itinerary to his mum… only because he will be in Paris for 1 day then Frankfurt for the rest, I guess he didn’t think it was that important.

She asked if I was ok and whether I slept last night!!! THAT IS SO SWEET hehehehhe. I could tell she genuinely cared. Then I asked her if she could sleep last night.. because I didn’t know if she was worried or not. She told me she did sleep but was thinking about him!!

Anyway the whole conversation was lovely. Made me realise that the wedding is getting close and I am READY to be married. Ready to join his family. Ready to take his name. MORE THEN READY to be his wife. I feel mature now.

In other news, I missed the first wedding on 4 weddings… because…. I was asleep on the couch…. so beat. and then I missed the end because I was on the phone to Mr W’s mum or shall I say.. My mum to be.

Ill end this on a slightly selfish note. I wish Mr W had time to take my wishlist to Sephora and shop for me!


I don’t have time to come up with a blog post name!

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I have so much to update you all on, but it all won’t make this blog post sadly!

In other sad news. My true love of my lifetime is jet-setting off tomorrow to Paris without me! (I think there should be a law against this. The abominable act of indecently neglecting the needs of partner to wit, Paris) He is going to Frankfurt for work.

In other more saddening news. I actually haven’t even been able to turn my mind to creating a very specific shopping list for him to fulfill. That is most atrocious.

I don’t really have any pressing wish list requirements……… well…. only to be by his side…. NAWwww!!! The only thing I have requested is a bottle of Eiswein. German ice wine.

Everyday he is gone, I will wake up and slap my face twice and chant “You are Lady Ga Ga bitch!” Another thing I will be doing is working EVERY SINGLE day he is away. This is not a choice. I am not liking my jobs at the moment. They fill that they can chop and change the days I work with out so much as advising me. I will be filming on Thursday (my day off) for one job and the other, my every so lovely¬† bitch supervisor has booked me into a fucking ridiculous course on, yes you guessed it, a Thursday for bettering my “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE” Ummmmmm WTF is that!!!!! Please, don’t waste my fucking time. How infuriating.

I haven’t even had a chance to update you all on how Tetsuya’s was for Mr Wonderful’s birthday.

Ill do my best to get it out succinctly. One word… starts with “D”..


Also, I went days after it lost a hat….. and now I see why.

Loving setting, service is impeccable. The food, hit and miss

Ill just go in order of courses.

Chestnut soup – pre dinner – HIT, Kingfish sashimi – HIT, Raw Scampi – MASSIVE MISS. The plate was chilled, it was TASTELESS, like eating water jelly served with a dollop of unflavoured cream. The appeal of this dish I must have surely missed. I also must learn the etiquette of placing the plate in order to show that I am finished. I did have my knife and fork together… but I don’t think the plate was pushed far enough away from me. It sat there for ages, then they finally asked if there was anything wrong… ah yah! That was crap. Next…. I think next was Tetsuya’s signature dish, the ocean trout. Yeh so so. I had a dish similar at Cutler and Co in Melbourne (except it was Rainbow Trout… Same difference in my not so loving fish eyes) and that knocked my socks off. This was boring.

Barramundi – Half Miss Half Hit. The Barramundi was a miss. If I wanted barra like that, I would cook it myself. It was nothing special at all. The skin wasn’t crispy, nothing. The artichoke was YUMMMMOOO though. Wish there was more of it.

I think next was ox tail….. UMmm excuse me… This was like when you scrape the bottom of your Le Crueset and gather all the little stuck bits of meat and then pile them up in a dome on a plate. It was just stringy pieces of meat! On top of this was sea cucumber. Dear Mr Tets….. what is the point of the sea cucumber in this dish????? Dumb founded. It honestly didn’t taste like anything.. If this is his idea of surf and turf then I am not happy. Also, don’t use an ingredient just for the sake of it…”ohhhh look at me… I have sea cucumber.” PPFFFffttt.

Duck dish…. can’t really remember this… mustn’t have been bad….. or good for that matter.

Angus beef – hit. The beef was cooked really well (although I think I rivaled it on the weekend with my beef roast!)

Just on a tangent… at the beginning of the night, they ask if you don’t like truffles or mushrooms. I said no… because I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! and was excited. There was only truffles in the whipped butter for the bread and the Beef dish had 1 measly mushroom.. and a swiss brown that I can buy at my local grocer. WOW… blow me away. No exotic nothing. I was expecting more.

Next was dessert. Pear sorbet… yeh nice, ho hum. Bread and butter pudding.. was nice.

Next up was the biggest disappointment of the night!!!

Wait for it……….

Picture this, Flute glass, in the bottom, crushed pistachios, then cream, then strawberries, then cream!

UMMMMMMMM are you fucking kidding me??? How much are you charging me for what umm… ANYONE CAN MAKE??????

jeeeeezzzuuzzz… that is a usual Sunday night at my place. I am sure we can all wash and hull some fucking strawberries and dollop some cream on. What a joke. I also saw another table with a fruit platter……

Last course was something that I REALLLY HATE…. I don’t know why lots of restaurants do this.

I have just devoured 9 courses and you give me a sickly rich and bitter chocolate pile of poo to eat and it also turns out to be your largest course and then you mock me when I can’t eat it. They also offer you a fortified wine which is also too sickly sweet for that time of the evening… I love chocolate and I love sweet…. but that shit don’t mix!

Also, our still water consumption came in at $16. Yes, for water.

The night was very lack lustre indeed.

I have more to blog about, but its 1.00am and I am BEAT!

Tomorrow… or shall I say today… Involves some bon voyage brunch for me and my mister then a trip to the airport to bid farewell and that will see the end of my precious weekend. *SOB*

I have so much to blog about

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

I have 2 blog posts in draft!

I have a looming expression of interest application (which I WILLLLLLLL do tonight)

Sunday was Father’s day times 2 fathers, Monday was Mr Wonderful’s Birthday and Tuesday was the celebration!!! Arghhhhh Time is just escaping.

Here is the pics as promised of Ikea du jour.

Sooooo much storage!

Here is a photo of me being spoilt.

Gorgeous exotic phylanopsis orchard in my little glass jar and Gucci Flora…. for Laura (ME) on her wedding day!

I promise I will be back with more stories… but for now… please blog.. I am thinking of you!

Job Applications

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Working on one, whilst at another job: The ultimate betrayal?

Yeah… It probably is. Instead I will spend my glorious Friday night working on it.

Wow… life is so grand for me. Well last night was grand.

Wining and dining. Cooked the best leg of lamb of my life.

My Auntie was the guest of honour. She came bearing gifts! 2 bottles of wine :) and a phalaenopsis orchard!!!!! I love these!!!! She knows my taste. It is a cute minature one.. very exotic looking. Need to post pics soon.

My Auntie offered to help me with my expression of interest application. Very nice of her.

Yesterday…. my one and only day off. I had interrupted sleep. Mr W does his best not to wake me in the morning when he leaves for work… but… its just not good enough. Plus I get devo-d if he leaves for work with out kissing me. So that requires me to wake up.

He also bought me a sleeping mask yesterday. Lately he has been working on a big project that requires him to stay up… and the ‘office’ is in the bedroom (the joys of a 1 bedroom apartment) So the light is on.

Well… IT WAS THE WORST GIFT EVER! It has ‘adjustable’ straps…. umm…. that like don’t adjust!!!!! I spent the best part of half an hour wrestling with it to no avail… that was pressure sleeping time wasted.. before I promptly flung it at Mr Wonderful.. followed by a “RETURN IT” He then spent the next 15 minutes trying to work it out (which was more time wasted) and then shoved it back in the box and back in his laptop bag to get a refund.

I am a fricken zombie these days. (thank god for YSL touche eclat). I went to DFO with my friend Dr J. She picked up 6 work skirts from Cue and a bed cover from Sheridan at 50% off for her boyfriend.

I picked up 2 black satin skinny ties for the grooms men. Still not sure what the sexy groom is wearing yet.

What about that button hole.. that is something else! The ties were $16 each! At Tarocash (still in DFO) they were selling them for $40!! I WIN!! heheheh

And the rest is a surprise!!!! (Pressies for my Fiance for his Birthday this coming Monday!) But they were also a bargain too!.. as in… more then 50% off.