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131 days

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

My to do list

Finally getting things crossed off it! Hurrah!

Buy thread for booklets

Ring accountant

Go through Travel Agents quote

Pick up bridesmaid dresses

What is left: Ring reception decorating company to organise meeting for ‘theme-ing’

Rang the milliner, they have the sequins in, they assured me they haven’t forgotten about me, they will organise a time soon.

I have nearly finished lodging my tax return with a big debt to pay (lets just say it is more then 4 figures)… It is what I was expecting. That is what happens when you are a sole trader… retain all the tax all year long, better in my pocket then theirs (shaving off the interest payable for the apartment)

Still kinda depressing though.

Mr W and I have received a revised quote from the travel agent which is at a much better price point! 1.5k of the quote.. gone… vanished! YAY. Soon we will book our HONEYMOON!!! It is a friggen long way to Costa Rica! And it is only 6 hours to fly from Costa Rica to Ecuador, but will take from 7am to 7pm to get there!! Oh well. The trip doesn’t seem real yet (or even close… but it actually is) Once we hand over some cold hard cash… then it will feel real.

I have been tinkling with the wedding budget planner. I feel green. That is all I am going to say on that.

I knew my time was coming. When you are the proud owner of Global Knives, I think you just count your blessings for every time you don’t slice yourself. I have nicked myself a few time (less then the amount of fingers I have) but nothing major. But Sunday, I was at the end of my luck. I got myself a beauty! I sliced my most prized finger. My left hand ring finger!! Why oh why!!!! It is my most photographed finger! I have never seen that much blood come out of a finger ever. Not only was I pissed I cut myself, when I promised to be so carefull with these knives, my fucking garlic bread was ruined… blood on everything.

My Auntie still has the record for worst finger cut though… mine was not a hospital/stitches event.

Last night I went to my good friends place. I hadn’t seen her in a long time. Was so good to see her and see how her own design endeavours were going! I stayed at her place till 12.30am (and she lives a fair way away) It is soo good to hear just nice news! Everything happy happy. Positive and exciting. I am well and she is well and things are going well. Sick of hearing crappy whingy shit where things aren’t just working out. None of that last night!

Her husband is just like my Mr W. I swear I was witnessing deja vu. She is trying to sell her car, so her friend from work came over to see it, she just handed the keys to him and said bring it back, But she handed not only the car keys, but the house keys too. Her husband was freaking out. Just a mere 2 weeks ago, I went to get my car serviced and I also just handing my keys over with the house keys attached too. Mr W’s head was spinning. When I got home that night he promptly separated the 2 sets of keys on to 2 different key rings. Her husband did the same.

Oh we are such silly girls, too trusting. (We both know now)

Also, I haven’t mentioned the most exciting news I have. My friend mentioned to me a while ago she bought a big mad expensive video camera… it slipped my mind and I also failed to fathom what BIG actually meant. Well, last night she showed me her Channel 10 worthy, beauty! She also showed me 2 weddings she has shot!! Ummm helllo!!!!!!! She has offered to film mine and I will edit it. What a deal! A videographer can cost 4k…. she suggested if we like the outcome.. there is a business proposal for the both of us…. Hmmmm

In other news…. not much to look forward too.. just lots of money just seeping out of our bank accounts for supposedly ‘the most happiest day of our life’……..

My day off is fast approaching. My friend Dr J has the day off too!!! Have to do something nice in this SPRING weather! I hope my aunty still wants to have our dinner date even though I was a feral premenstrual moron. (content pertaining to that comment, does not qualify for the blog)

Mr W’s birthday will be here on Monday! Then Tuesday is TETSUYA’S!!! Then in a week he leaves me for Germany :( … yes sad faces times a million.

Interior Design

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

So, I took a subjective look at my apartment’s decor and furnishings yesterday. And am I happy with it? No, no I am not.

I have been living in this home for just over a year. I use to dream of the days that when I was older I would have my own place and furnish it as I see fit… and here I am.

The apartment is now about 80% there.

Last night, Mr W and I finished building the Ikea flat pack. I am actually really thrilled with the new addition to the home. I think it is quite smart. Can’t wait to show pics… I promise soon!

Now I feel I need a piece that will marry the modern (the Ikea gloss white T.V Unit) with the not so modern (my armchair and side table)

My idea: An OTTOMAN!!!

Light blue/grey VELVET

Now obviously I am not going to by able to find an exact match and I do like to get particular. So….. off to bunnings I go.

I was about to rack up an almighty credit card bill and buy the Orson & Black one (top left of image) however, it is far to low. I want the ottoman to be the exact hieght the couch is and the same length too. So I can butt them up together. Besides, the O&B one is nearly the same colour as our couch… and that would just be too matchy matchy.

My next task is too find some more fabric stores. 1) for the blue/grey velvet for the ottoman and 2) I want a LARGE wall hanging to sit above the TV unit. I am already the proud owner of a Marimekko print that hangs in the bedroom.

Because, the TV unit is gloss white and the wall behind is an off white. I would ideally like to paint the wall, but we would be here for a decade before I can pick a colour. So a temporary option is better.

Tomorrow is my day off and I am going to the strand to pick up my bridesmaid dresses for my 2 beautiful girls. Then go visit my Italian friend with gorgeous daughters for tea.

For now, I am about to embark on a 44km journey, across town in peak hour to have dinner with friends who have  a new residence!


Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Mr Wonderful and I broke one of my commandments. I don’t know how many commandments I have.. but this is one of them.

“Thou shalt not IKEA!”

Oh, I feel like a disgrace! I am in all types of confusion. I look in the mirror and I don’t even know myself!
We have been in our apartment for 13 months and still did not have a TV Unit. We had the tv plonked on a grey chipboard desk from the early nineties that was neglected. It was in the share house I rented before I moved in and it made its way to our new apartment and STAYED. In the last 13 months I have only seen 2 TV Units I have liked and were appropriate for the space it would occupy. 1 was 12k and the other was 8k……… yeah.

A trip to Ikea left us change from $1.1k What can I say. It is definitely not ideal, but with the wedding and honeymoon coming to the pointy end and Mr W wanting to make the apartment looking nice (and organised… my wedding crap is starting to pile up.. where does one store 160 little candles???) we had to bite the bullet.

So, I was sitting on the couch yesterday after work just starring at the Ikea flat packs. I thought, bugger it, I am going to put them together while Mr Wonderful was at soccer training.

Mr W knew I couldn’t resist a little hands on action. I am quite disappointing in my hands. They are too girly! Yes too girly! I had paper cuts/cardboard cuts/scratches all over them. How does one roughen them up?? This girl is not afraid of some dirt under the nails or a bosch sander for that matter (Yes, I am the proud owner of one) Too much time spent sitting at a desk with a keyboard has not done my hands any good!

And I did a mighty fine job of putting it together too!

Our apartment, which is affectionately named ‘the box’ in which we live looks like a road train has ploughed right through leaving a trail of destruction. I thought Mr W was going to be pissed. He is a neat freak, but he was secretly relieved I did the Ikea gig, I can tell.

I have left trails of destruction much smaller then this before and he couldn’t drop it for over a week… but this time…. not a word was peeped!

In other news, The Mr from another sister, made an early morning call to Costa Rica. Heck, I don’t even know my own home phone number, how on Earth would I ring Costa Rica? So thank god he took the reigns on that one.
The “Ultra luxury villa” is AVAILABLE for our visit! The resort is quite exclusive and I was worried that with only 3 villas it might have been booked out but we are okay. They just need to give us updated cost and we are booking it.

Casa Chameleon

Never you mind that my work still hasn’t approved my leave. That is what happens when you work for MEN! I did have leave approved (when I worked for WOMEN), but had to change the time of the year I was taking it, now it is not so easy to approve.

My Passport arrived yesterday!! It is both kind of pretty! It is actually really colourful inside. I love it. It is my new friend. Can’t wait to scan that baby all over the world!

Tomorrow is my day off!!! I will finish putting on the last of the Ikea doors and CLEANING like no ones business! Organisation is the key. It will be so good to know what a clean apartment looks like.
(I’ll be sure to post pics!….. Oh the shame!)

Re Link

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

This is a re -link off another blog.

Maid of Honor Responsibilities:

Be willing to help in whatever way possible with wedding planning. If you live nearby, this could mean helping to address invitations and placecards.  If you don’t, you might offer to set up vendor appointments or research florists.

Lend an ear during the engagement. Separate from the toils of wedding planning, even the most happy-go-lucky brides will likely need an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on at some point before her wedding.  Weddings can be stressful — do what you can to alleviate that stress.

Help bride select bridesmaids’ attire. Listen to and, if necessary, help squash, unreasonable grumblings from bridesmaids about said attire.

Organize bridesmaids’ gifts to the bride (if you’re giving one) and organize the bridesmaids’ luncheon (if you’re holding one).  Brides sometimes like to host the luncheon themselves as a thank you to their maids, so check with her before making plans.

Go into the wedding day super prepared. More than any of the other maids, it’s your responsibility to make sure you are aware of the timeline for the day, the order everyone will be walking down the aisle, where you’re taking portraits, etc.  This way, the bride won’t be the only one fielding questions on her wedding morning, which can be very stressful.

Take control of the bride’s cell phone on the wedding morning. Of course, you’ll want to consult with the bride about this before you attempt to commandeer her phone, but setting up a sort of electronic forcefield around the bride while she’s getting ready means that only the truly important calls will get through, and nothing unnecessary will ruffle her bridal bliss. (I think it’s a bit late for this)

Hold the groom’s wedding ring and the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony

Witness the signing of the marriage certificate.

Help the bride change into her going-away clothes and take care of the bride’s wedding dress and accessories after the reception

What do you think?  Anything you’d add to the list?  Let me know! (Yes… plan hens night!)


My response as ‘the bride’ ahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahha, please stop it hurts! I am yet to see any of these so called ‘responsibilities’ be carried out by my MOH… more stress added then alleviated!

In all seriousness. Is this blog post cynical?  YES.. Am I bitter? Yes.. Do I care? No.

5 months!

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Ah, freak out
Le freak, c’est chic
Freak out

5 months today!

My fav co-worker is considering another job that she TOTALLY deserves!! I told her to take it!! But I will miss her… well.. lets not get ahead of ourselves, she is going to sleep on it. Everyone says go for it, but I can see she have reservations.

Here is a picture of my successful candle making junket.

The teaspoon is next to it, to gauge the scale. The jar is 4cm high and with 4cm diametre.

I am about to start working on My faux order of service. I had no idea what the content of an order of service was. Some lovely willing ladies emailed me there OOS. I didn’t realise it is pretty much word for word the ceremony. I know I will not be doing that.

I want to list the names of all parties, their roles, the names of songs (maybe lyrics) just the readings, maybe a nice poem and a family tree. I feel really lucky that my parents are not divorced and neither are Mr W’s and that our bridal party is purely siblings. Just to illustrate that a wedding is really about 2 families coming together and that Robert and I then create our own connected family!!

Arghhhh sappy! Yes, so, my OOS is going to be informal. Have to chat is over with the priest. I also wonder if the priest is open to an electric piano?

Most peoples Fridays. My Monday

Friday, August 6th, 2010

My eyes are at their puffiest!

Florence + the machine was SO GOOD! Had the best night.

We caught a taxi up the road and went to Kafenes, this Greek restaurant. My friend from my old work recommended it. The place was full and the dips were great! Mr Wonderful had more then his fair share! (He also ate all the feta cheese!)

The show was way better then I expected! On a side, note, I wonder if Florence knows her skirt was TOTALLY see through? She has the best voice. Mr W and I enjoyed a vino and walked all the way home! Partly because it’s romantic and partly because the taxis going our way were taken!

Post yesterday’s blog post and pre F+TM I was able to make 2 of my jar candles. I think they belong in a magical kingdom because they are too cute for this world!!! They were also really easy to make!!! I burned one while I was having a shower. I am so chuffed!

Tonight I am going to put in a mammoth effort and make a whole bunch of candles while Mr W is out on his Bucks night the prequel!! No Seriously. He is doing teppanyaki with the boys from work and then going to the strip club!! Mr W works with a couple and the male part of this duo is overseas, so cannot par take in the festivities. The female is relieved. If he was here… HE WOULD NOT BE GOING! She says it’s is disrespectful to her. I suppose it is. But I don’t mind…. as long as he doesn’t f**k the strippers. I am cool. I don’t see the difference of my boy watching say, underbelly on a tv or seeing it in the buff (pun intended) Honestly, there is no difference,…. you still end up seeing the nakedness either way. The thing I would have a problem with is him putting money in her garter thing. Um… buy me a gift with that money not her!

In other news, I forgot to bring my mouse to work. So it will be a long R.I.S filled day for me!

Is today Christmas?

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

No? Sure feels like it for me!!

Another one of those ‘best day ever’ for me!!!!!

Had a mini sleep in, long shower, blow dried my hair, walk a measly 10 steps to the post office and had my interview for my passport application.. all good there. Drove to my fiances work, had lunch with him. My candle supplies package arrived while I was there! On the drive home I spied a massive antique store in Carlton. Pull over and spent the best part of an hour in there. Picked up some more bits and bobs for the wedding (mainly glassware and candle sticks) then I got a call saying that my wedding stationery is all printed!!!!!!!! hallelujah!!!! I swing by Surry Hills and pick it up! (looks really good. Exactly what I was hoping for) Then down the road for some Bourke St Bakery (Mr W is mentally slapping me on the wrist) I just can’t get enough of there lemon drink!! So refreshing.. If you know me, you know I love LEMON ANYTHING!!!!!! I pray to Bickfords Lemon Cordial, my lord. Then down Bourke St (ghast at the mess they have made of the street) and then HOME! 10am to 5pm went like a blink of the eye.

AND TONIGHT IS FLORENCE + THE MACHINEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ The Enmore!

Loving everything about these 2 pictures.

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

This lamp is just driving me nuts, its so beautiful!

I could paint like this if I really tried!

In other news, the jars I bought for the bonbon/favour are too small. But I am going to turn my luck around and make the CUTEST candles out of them. I rang a wholesale candle supply company today and they were so informative and told me everything I need to know. The cost of the jars and the supplies, still works out cheaper then buying bulk votives off ebay and mine will be better quality too! I am using soy wax as opposed to ebay offers of parrifin.

SOY WAX Candles are much safer – especially around children. When I was introduced to SOY WAX  and told to put my finger into a pool of melted wax I was quite surprised that it didn’t burn.  Soy wax burns at a much cooler temperature than other waxes. (Whilst Bees Wax is natural and safe to burn, note how hot the wax burns at.)

Another great benefit of Soy Wax is that if it is spilt on carpet, clothes etc. it can easily be cleaned up with hot soapy water. Have you ever tried to clean up spilt Paraffin wax!

God I hope it’s easy. The guy at the supply store is comforting, he assures me I’ll be fine. They are going to be cute!!!

August!!! Far out!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Where the hell does August get off thinking it is his time to show up!! Because it’s not!

I have 5 posts in draft!!! I start them… but I run out of time to finish them

I am also not in the mood to blog. I don’t want my blog to be a negative place where I vent my frustrations and the past few days have been hell. So not blog worthy!

I have hit that part of the wedding planning when you start to question of few of your choices and why you are dropping quite a few thousand on the day, when the day is full off people that are malicious, jealous and genuinely not happy for you…  they sabotage it because its not them. their day and their life.

I would also like to speak to the person who invented bridesmaids or bridal party in general. What was your intention to get a bunch of bitches who have nothing, together! Help you??? Help make this time in your life DREADFUL?

One of my bridesmaid has been an absolute doll. She is a very beautiful person inside and out. I guess that is why I am marrying her brother…. he is just the same. Big open heart!

She is the guarantor on my passport. Passports excite the hell out of me! Evokes images of jet setting and  sleeping masks!

I have an interview at the post office for the passport on Thursday! I also like my passport photo. I must be part of a minority. I think its flattering and my skin looks flawless. I got the photo taken at the 11th hour round the corner from where we live. I love living where we live. In a block you can literally get ANYTHING you need!

Mr W and I have changed our honeymoon destination. I have been researching until I fall asleep on my laptop! So many options so many choices so many $$$$ signs!

The printer is driving me bonkers. Such a hike just to get some invites printed. Latest update…. the stock I chose is now discontinued! I will now have to make another across city effort to get the printer before they shut to choose stock. Its really starting to become a “whats the point” for the ‘save the dates’ .. we will post them and then a week later we will post the actual invites.

… yes another half finished blog post…. but I am publishing it!