Tomorrow at 1pm I have an appointment for a CUSTOM VEIL at

I have NO idea how much my bespoke couture bridal head wear is going to cost.

I have some really cool ideas in my head. The problem I am having is that I like elements out of lots of different veils and I want them smooshed into one veil.

I successfully printed on the envelopes!! 1st attempt too. I was stocked!!! I always fuck up everything… nothing ever works on the first attempt for me!! But then it came to printing on the reverse … and well, it was upside down.. always true to form!

Need to move on to the ceremony now. Music and readings. Have a meeting with the priest on Wednesday. Sign the notice of intention of marriage. Start the pre marriage courses. (When the hell Mr W and I are going to find the time to do these… Ill never know) Crossing fingers my mother dearest has found my baptism certificate!

Tomorrow (DAY OFF) I will go into the florist and pay the deposit. Visiting my pendant and Mr W’s wedding ring.. pay another chunk off that. Hanging out with a friend from High School who I think I have scared out of getting married after witnessing all the money going up in smoke!

Its all coming together!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for posting the link of the milliner, always looking for a good Sydney based milliner! It looks like his custom pieces start at $390 though!

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