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Vintage shop

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

3 Birdcages

5 frames

5 glass bottles

2 teapots

1 tray

And 2 pics!!!

I think I need to spray paint the birdcages silver.

Sorry about the terrible phone photos!

Current Wedding Inspiration!

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Ill have to get up and retrieve my vintage shop haul from the boot of the car and snap some shots for you all to see!

In the mean time, Ill collate my current inspiration from my overflowing folder!

I am having the best day ever!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

I had a sleep in (FINALLY…. its been over 2 weeks) 9.00am isn’t too bad

I put my make up on so nicely, curled my hair with ghd. Grabbed my stuff and my garmin gps and headed to my fav vintage shop nearby. Picked out some AMAZING things for the reception. Met the best lady in the shop!! She is an event stylist, but she is getting married the day before me… we were both bummed because she will obviously be unavailable… She helped me pick out fabulous things for the reception. She has offered to buy pieces off me when I am done!! I love that place so much. It is where I got my side table from.

Then I went cross city tunnel way and popped out at Double Bay. My veins swell with love when I am in the area… there is something about Double Bay that I love. Its probably all the European cars and the friendly people with sweaters tied around their shoulders! SWOON. I had my appointment with “The Hatmaker” aka Jonathon. How dumb would I have been if I was to cancel this appointment. It was SOOOOO worth it. They have the prettiest stuff in there. Long story short… I have something STUNNING organised with him!!! We got on really well. He told me to bring a bridesmaid in next time… I said.. yeh not to sure,,, maybe not.. and then he snapped his finger, stomped his foot and said “come here brideslaves” CLASSIC… love him.

Then I dropped by the florist and paid the wedding flower deposit and picked up a gorgeous stem of apple green cymbidium orchid!!!

Then I grabbed some thai and went home!!!

I love it when I can traverse the streets and not get lost. Even with a GPS it is still very easy to cock the whole thing up! I found good parking spots. Everything is dandy!!!

CAN’T WAIT TO MARRY MY MR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S Look how my other orchid has grown!


Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Tomorrow at 1pm I have an appointment for a CUSTOM VEIL at

I have NO idea how much my bespoke couture bridal head wear is going to cost.

I have some really cool ideas in my head. The problem I am having is that I like elements out of lots of different veils and I want them smooshed into one veil.

I successfully printed on the envelopes!! 1st attempt too. I was stocked!!! I always fuck up everything… nothing ever works on the first attempt for me!! But then it came to printing on the reverse … and well, it was upside down.. always true to form!

Need to move on to the ceremony now. Music and readings. Have a meeting with the priest on Wednesday. Sign the notice of intention of marriage. Start the pre marriage courses. (When the hell Mr W and I are going to find the time to do these… Ill never know) Crossing fingers my mother dearest has found my baptism certificate!

Tomorrow (DAY OFF) I will go into the florist and pay the deposit. Visiting my pendant and Mr W’s wedding ring.. pay another chunk off that. Hanging out with a friend from High School who I think I have scared out of getting married after witnessing all the money going up in smoke!

Its all coming together!

Out of blog notice

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Mr W and I have a pretty big project on our hands at the moment and my free time is now <=0.

I will try and write a post whenever I can, it just won’t be as often as usual.

Please stay tuned though… as we are in the last 6 months!

It time to plan the hens night and the mini moon!

I said hens night… because I am a control freak… I said mini moon, because our honeymoon won’t be till June 2011. So we need a little getaway just after we say “I do”

Quick Love Update

Friday, July 16th, 2010

For you newly weds or s00n to be to go “Awwww”

And for all you single ladies to go “VOMIT”

ME: “Do you need anything at woolies”

HIM: “no we don’t need anything but each other”

YAY Friday…. not that, that means anything for me!! But have a good one!

Time for a wedding Update

Friday, July 16th, 2010

25 weeks to go!

I am into making lists:


Dress, Florist, Cars, Brides Shoes, Hair and Make-up, MC, Reception, Church, Photographer, BRIDESMAID DRESSES, Stationery.. to be at the printer on Monday, Singer, Cake


Groomsmen suits, BM’s shoes/part jewelery/head wear, Bride veil, Bon bon/favours.. what ever they are called, Vows/readings/ceremony songs.. HELP! Songs at the reception either, Reception decoration (have a fair idea of what I want),

In other news I bought some bridal tulle at spotlight last night! $4 a metre (50% off) I could have a $12 veil on my hands here. I am going to play with it and see what I come up with. This is just test tulle. Well to be fair, maybe, maybe not. I don’t want to hurt the tulle’s feelings.

I want to get my D.I.Y on!! BAD…. This working 6 days a week business is really cramping my style and now Mr W and I have 6 weeks to finish a major project.. arghh IN OUR OWN TIME… whenever that is!!! Squeeze that in between working at my 2 jobs, sleeping, eating and showering.. bye bye wedding planning for a little while…. just when I am bursting at the seams to get creative!!!! Trust this.. I knew this would happen.

I love nerds

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

I really do!!!

I love that I will be marrying one!

Check out what my nerd sent to me

Courtesy of Gizmodo

“Ray Arifianto, a software development engineer at Microsoft Game Studios, is getting married. He’s got the nerdiest wedding ring to prove it.

While his blushing bride is not a gamer or a nerd for that matter, she is totally cool with the idea of getting hitched with one. “So cool,” Ray writes, “that she ordered a custom made ring for me.”

That’s right, Ray’s bride ordered him a USB-drive styled ring. The best part? The engraving. ”For a lifetime of memories”.

GEDDIT? Memories? Memory? USB?


Is it a hint? Too bad, too late, your ring is already made!

I love kitschy things like these. I hope they sit around the heater in their 80’s going… remember when usb was all the rage!

2nd wedding nightmare

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

I am up to my 2nd wedding nightmare!!!

Not last night, but the night before. I have had this blog post sitting in draft mode.

I am a total scatter brain! I have lost it. I can’t think straight. I want to post… but not sure what to post.

I want to share things, but I want to keep somethings to myself as well.

I have decided on a florist! YAY! Finally. I have received 2 quotes. The choice was hard to make. 1 florist would have made everything ‘pretty’ and the other would have made everything ‘edgy’ Do I want traditional and pretty or do I want edgy and new?

I went with edgy. I went with them, because they were going to employ new techniques that I was interested to see the outcomes. One thing I can say, is they will use magnets for the buttonholes instead of pins. I think this is fabulous. Another reason why I chose them is because they are very responsive and are willing to work with me, allowing me to organise my own candles and jars and will set them up for me.

They were more expensive on everything, except for the table centerpieces, but the overall quote was lower then the other quote.

Another thing done! Tomorrow is my day off. Today marks my 7th straight day of working. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and then I am rendezvousing with SIL2B at high noon to organise made to measure brides maid frocks. After that we will make 1 last ditch attempt in the city  David Jones and the Strand to make sure we are sure on made to measure.

I am very much looking forward to it, because it will be another thing done.

I also have the BIGGEST urge to try on veils of all kinds!!! I’m and addict and I need a hit! I am intimidated by bridal shops that requiring appointments… I just want to try veils on… I am SPONTANEOUS.. If I walking past, I would like to go in! Hopefully it won’t be a huge problem, because it is a Thursday.. who knows. What are some names of milliners in Sydney. I want something grand on my head!

Another thing we will need to get organised with is what the men in my life are wearing. Completely over looked that.

I am also interested in making these

and hiring a slave to hang them and arrange them as I see fit!!!

So much to do.

Can someone please buy me these shoes to wear, when my feet get sore on the big day?

Giuseppe Zanotti Stone-embellished leather sandals

Available from Net-a-Porter


Friday, July 9th, 2010

OH EM GEE you guys!!! It is 6 months!

Still need to lock down a florist and get Brides Maid dresses!!!

Was just at the local David Jones and I think I may have found the dresses!!! I like them, my sister likes them, just waiting on SIL2B.

What is it with florists and not quoting? I am about to send my wedding stationery to print.

Need to still buy my own printer. For all the other nick nacky stuff.

Getting excited… getting scared!