The Long Weekend that was.

Yes… my very long weekend of working!!!

Yes you read correctly, I worked all weekend! That is my government job now. I work all the weekends, all the public holidays.. all that business. I didn’t mind, I didn’t miss out on much.

It was too cold to break the law as well. We finished at 2.30pm on Saturday, 4 on Sunday and yesterday the grand ol’ time of 1.30!!! Still on the clock till 4 and getting double time and a half or something crazy.

The world cup Socceroo game really fit into my schedule as well. I was up at 4.30am with the fiance and when it finished I got ready for work. It panned out nicely. Then after work I was able to see Mr W play soccer, which I thought was a thing of the past now that I work weekends!!

I hope a florist quote arrives in my inbox today!

In other news! When I was a kid – I use to be OBSESSED with America! I some how acquired an American architecture magazine and it was MY BIBLE. Today I have revisted that memory and have found my dream house …… that is if I still had the same dreams as a kid.

My house is the in the centre next to the burnt umber one on the right

I don't know what car that is out the front, but I would have a Mercedes 4WD AMG - total soccer mom!

I have no idea now what that type of house is called. But I was going to live, on the lake at the end of the cult de sac and have my own jetty and boat house, 3+ car garage. Fountain in the middle of the drive way. Simming Pool. I would always host Christmas. And have staff and not work.

This house is in Hickory, North Carolina.

In terms of other wedding planning. I REALLY need to get onto the invitations. The printer I am banking on using to print them was quite rude to me last time I spoke to them on the phone, so that is not a great start.

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