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A little treat!

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

I finally bought a side table!!

I have been looking for this style of table for a while. This table is form a vintage shop in Marrickville and it is from the 1960’s.

I have to track down this image, but I have seen a table like this that was covered in a metallic, graphic flower pattern wall paper… IT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I have never seen anything like it or since. I believe I have saved the pictures, I will have to hunt it out.

I am loving this pistachio green it is (but its a bit grubby) It is next to my mid century danish chair that I restored. I went to Regent St Redfern today and saw lots of this style of chair for $650+ ….. mine was… Fah-REE!!

The drawers are storing my wedding collateral.

The phalaenopsis orchid is something I have wanted to buy for a long time too!! They are so classy! And I also wish to have this flower feature at the wedding….. why oh why must I have expensive taste! They are $36 a stem! urgh.

The other florist I went to see today says I should have a quote by Saturday or Sunday. They seem more expensive but are more flexible.

End of Financial Year!

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Happy end of financial year everyone!

I have one job where I am employed… refer to it as ‘government job’ and  I have another job where I invoice an ongoing client and work in their office as a multimedia designer. And then again, in my free time, Mr W and I make websites et cetera.

Yesterday I was busy preparing for tax time. I am still a newbie at how tax works for a sole trader. I added up all my invoices and was very surprised with the outcome. I reached all the goals I thought were unrealistic this time last year.

So, tonight to celebrate!!! We are going out to Pier Restaurant in Rose Bay with a couple that Mr W works with. This was one of the first fine dining restaurants I knew about back in the day and I am really excited to finally go there.

I was inspired by NQN’s blog post to finally bite the bullet and make a reservation.

Scallops and souffle are what I live for!

Report back tomorrow (I won’t be taking food photos though… If a mobile phone at the dinner table is crass, what do you think of a big Digital SLR???)

If I was…

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

If I was wearing a simple strapless dress, this is the necklace I would wear on the big day!!!

Available for purchase from Net-a-porter.

Not much to say

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Just a quick pop in..

I am exicited that the big things are nearly done. It is all coming together!

My lovely mother made an appointment for a Bridal shop this Thursday, everyone is free and I hope these dresses are IT!!!!

I have asked both sets of parents for their guest lists of friends and family they wish to invite to the wedding including ADDRESSES! Need to get the ‘save the dates’ out.

I feel over worked!  Arghh

Yesterday was full of quotes too!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Speak of the devil,

I received the quote from the florist I named and shamed a mere hour later. (Should I delete my previous rant?)

I went for my wish list and the quote reflects that… My eyes are bigger then my wallet…. need to reassess that.

My mother and sister went Brides Maid dress shopping last night. I wasn’t 100% sure on the other place or the dress and I am glad they did that. I think we may have found the dress… and its available in my 1st desired colour. (I think I might start keeping secrets… so there are some surprises on the day) Oh and they are cheaper too! Just need to round up the other BM and myself and head over to the ever so lovely Blacktown! Sometimes you just have to stop being a snob. I can’t afford to be a snob.

I also went to my jewelers last night (Cerrone Sydney) to see the metal work. I am very happy with how they have made it. I tried explaining Leon Mege double claw prongs to them with no luck. Emailing a picture to my rep now. But it should be complete in a week or so!! How exciting! Then it will unfortunately be a long abstinence from jewelry in lieu of HONEYMOON!!!!!

I also have another wedding invitation to do. It is for a lady I (sadly use to) work with. Her daughter is getting married in April 2011. I love the ideas they have and I am looking forward to working on them.

Well, I am just full of posts today

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Wedding Updates

Wedding cars have been booked and 50% deposit paid. Noted in budget.. tick!

I have received a quote from the printer I LOVE…. finally. She rang me and thanked me for my patience. Back on good terms. This comes just after Mr W and I were researching printers, papers, inks etc… I was starting to go pale… those prices were starting to really add up. Especially if you are considering printers in the $1.1k range. So last night we made the decision to try again with printers and, the heavens above heard us. So I am thrilled with that news and the quote is reasonable too. Well…. what I was expecting.

Still haven’t received the quote from the florist I met with 2 weeks today, spoke to and promised quote that day, 1 week ago! And I see on facebook today……

Well I am sooooooooo Gah-lad that stylists uses you all the TIME! Need I bother further…… NO!

I have also forgot to mention that we have an MC sorted too. Oh yeh, I also forgot to mention… I did receive the paper samples on that day… Yeh not good. The person wasn’t getting my idea. She sent me generic crap I could buy at office works.

I have received a quote for Hair and Make-up. I am thinking of booking the trial in for September the 7th, because we are going out for dinner that night for Mr W’s birthday….2 birds… 1 stone!

Julia Gillard, Australia’s 1st PM

Thursday, June 24th, 2010


That man had to go. Doing it is true female form….. If the man is not doing a good enough job, kick him to the curb and show him how it’s done!

Woman always patch up the pieces of a man’s mess!

HURRAH. Great day for Australia….. we hope anyway!

199 days!

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Yesterday was my day off. Sister in law to be and me went Bridesmaid dress shopping.

We went to Chic Collections in Cremorne. We did find one dress we like, but I am not 100% sold on it. I think it will look flattering on both my bridesmaids, Just bummed that is is a 1 shoulder dress because then they can’t wear there bezel diamond pendants I bought them. we also cannot chose a colour for the dress! We can pick from about 60 colours. Making the choice too difficult. We pick one colour and go “OHh that’s nice..” Then the SA pulls out a dress that is made in that fabric and we go “Ewww no” Subtle of course.

Starting to bang head against the wall.

This is the one we liked…. sorry about the camera phone picture.. had to snap this one real quick, if you know what I mean. You know how these stores get!

Also, the shop has FOR LEASE signs in the window.. I have a bad feeling about that.. But I am not sure if they are for the shop above though because there are signs there too. What if they take our money and no dress!


In other news, there is the female equivalent of Jonathon on Masterchef (the nasal voice) from the suite next door! SHE MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!!!! She always comes out of her suite, talking, better yet whining on her mobile phone RIGHT OUT THE FRONT OF OUR SUITE!!! It is the funkiest, nicest looking office I have worked it, but its shit… it is so very shit! The whole building rocks and sways when someone walks past the door, every inch is covered in glass which leaves no privacy, the aircon turns off after too hours, yet all the heat rises to the top of the loft and the people upstairs and sweating and the people downstairs (ME) are freezing, because there is a HUGE gap underneath the door…. Therefore this ANNOYING woman’s voice just grates on my brain as she stands behind me having 2 hour conversations on bullshit about her fucking kids! And to make matters worse today, she decided to jingle jangle her fucking keys and drop them on the polish concrete falls outside and HAS A FUCKING UGLY LITTLE DOG WITH HER TOO!!!!!!! This building is like a pet friendly workplace….. that is just ridiculous. What next I can bring my screaming baby too!

The strata mangers of this office are a young too cool for school couple who bring there big dog to work EVERYDAY in their BMW hard top coupe convertible! They get there own parking spot right near the elevator and make people share the tiny lift with their stinky dog. Then they go and put stickers on the car windscreens of people (ME) who have overstayed in the visitors parking. The visitors parking is plentiful but at a 2 hour limit, and the parking on the street is not so. Because it is an industrial street so it is full by 6.30am. Not a chance in hell for me, Miss 8am.



In other news….. again

The metal work on my pendant is ready to be viewed. I will go in this after noon. Just annoyed because I didn’t wear any makeup today.

Masterchef death threats

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

As you have all probably heard, there is a facebook hate page on Masterchef contestant Joanne Zalm.

I personally can’t believe she is still there. How many eliminations has she been in. Has she ever done anything good? I think she LOOKS good for her age though. But I hate Jonathon WAY MORE! Mr W even pays him out.. does the old favourable, nose holding motion whilst speaking to sound very nasal.

but, if you feel differently, Join the facebook page! HA!

In other news, I am too lazy to cook a soup for my mister who is on a flight back from Canberra as I type. I have made the scrumptious stock… just the soup now!


More wedding updates!

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

I know you love it!

201 days to go!

So I was walking to my car this morning and I happened to catch sight of the mail boxes as I walked past… something in my head was telling me that the paper samples I requested were sitting in there, but I didn’t have the key with me to check. Lets just wait and see if they are.. Pfft.. Rolls eyes… OMG I am bitter? Isn’t wedding planing suppose to be fun?

I have an appointment for ANOTHER florist on Wednesday the 30th of June at 1.00pm. It has come to that time… unfortunately.

I have my hair appointment tomorrow. My hair dresser is just 2 or 3 shops down from this new florist. The hair dressers always have arrangements from them.. they can bit hit or miss to be truthful. Some times they are too out there and bizarre for people to get. But I have been in there and seen them working on centerpieces for a wedding where they used all Australian natives and not in a tacky bush-tucker way. They were beautiful. And they were also doing the brides bouquet. Using Blushing Bride! I loved them so much I bought a small bunch for me!

Here is a picture I took for you to see!

Blushing Bride

Maybe I will have better luck with these guys. I am going to ask..”So, when should I expect to see a quote?” Without a doubt!

I have emailed a Hair and Makeup lady I was recommended to by my hair dresser. I hope she gets back to me too.

Net-a-porter is having a sale!!!! Jennifer Behr head bands are on sale! I have emailed there style team to double check what finish one of the headbands is in.. and no reply yet! erghh! I bet you they sell out before they reply!