Well Wishes

I want to wish Beach it a wonderful rest of the day!!!! Today is her wedding day! I hope the weather is on its best behaviour and she is enjoying every minute of it!

Beach it, or as I know her, Cassie is a fellow voguette from South Australia! I have been in contact with her because I designed her wedding stationery!

Here is Cassies’ pictures of the set.

It was a joy to work with Cassie on these invites! It was fairly straight forward to do, logistically as well. With her being in S.A and me being in NSW. There wasn’t any drama’s! A lot of emailing back and forth that is all. Cassie then took the invitations off to her printer of choice.

It’s so weird to have a client, that you don’t even know what they look like or haven’t even heard there voice. You seem so connected enough to do a custom wedding invitation yet so removed to know nothing more then their email address.

This modern world is bizarre and frugal!

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  1. Maryanne says:

    Gorgeous. Let me know when your website is up and running :)

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