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Monday, May 31st, 2010

All I have to offer is whinging!

I am still completely sick. My voice is a bit better but I have a lump in my throat AND WORST OF ALL I have passed this lovely gift on to the one and only, Mr Wonderful. I may as well kill myself now.

I am due to go to my other job tomorrow. I emailed my co-workers, subject line: OK WHO BREATHED ON ME? It must have been one of them! Well, I need someone to blame.

I need a break. I worked through this sickness. What is someone suppose to do, if it is their first day at a new job? You can’t call in sick can you? It is so hard though, because it is on the weekend, I only work with 2 other people and they can’t really replace you short notice. And today, it is still the same job but a new workplace. Whole new office and people to meet, new boss. I couldn’t really call in sick today either. I asked if I could go home, but was politely denied. ARGGhhhhh  But GREAT NEWS descended upon me! I really like my new boss, I like my weekend boss too! My boss today was chatting to me about my entitlements! I feel so special, you have no idea. I feel a bit like I have won the job lottery! 1) I get penalty rates!!!! 2) I get a parking space!!!) 3) I am on set hours 4) I get a locker 5) I have nice bosses. p.s I can’t wait to check the bank account.

Also, went out to lunch with 3 other former co-workers, its as if we never left, just moved suburbs! We went to a cafe for lunch. Places like this piss me off. They are in the CBD but TAKE FOREVER to get the food out. You wait 40 mins for the food and then have to ask for take away and then eat it… well not sure.. I was in court so I couldn’t. SURELY they know that you get 1 hour for lunch. What a disappointment.

I don’t think I have given myself enough credit for getting this job. I was up there! I worked at this very workplace in 2006 and I met quite a few people there that had heaps more experience then me, back then and I met them again and they were not successful in the recruitment process. AWKWARD! One of them in particular wanted a certain job so bad, but my friend/co-worker got the job and had to tell him and he was ropeable.  AWKWARD.

Mr wonderful BC (Before Cold) bumped up the arsenal in the fight against this cold. He made the minestrone out of stock I made before. I gave him instructions (whilst at work) He bought Benadryl dry cough syrup and now Diflam.

I am also shitty at city rail. Like umm HELLO is it 2010?? Do I live near the city????? Why the hell when I get the train station at 10 past 7, the next train to the city is 23 mins away????? Please explain. On Sunday I drove to this location from home and it took 19 mins (a little over the limit) and on the good old shitty rail, door to door = 85 mins!!!!!!!!!!! I also let shit like this get to me. once in a bad mood, I let it multiply. A loud mouth loser hops on the train and talks on her phone about her crap life and loser boyfriend and 15 kids! She also chows down on a SAUSAGE ROLL at ten to eight in the morning! DISGUSTING! I don’ t think there is anything worse you could eat. I really hate the smell of sausage rolls. They reek. I have been scarred from the time I was at the office and a co-worker, waltzes into work, stuffing one down and talking, gets a case of indigestion or something and then runs to the bathroom and VOMITS!!!!!! Lovely! She chucked the other half of the sausage roll in the bin under her desk (next to me) and the smell permeates into the office ALL DAY!!!! I wanted to gag!

Doesn’t matter, I have a parking spot now!!!

I am a prepubescent boy!

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Not even a word of a lie!

I have lost my voice. It kept breaking like a boy going through puberty! Or I am a 50 year old man with a 2 packs a day habit who now has a tracheotomy. How embarrassing on my first day at work. No one had any idea what I was saying. And my part of my job is to answer the phone!

Luckily, I can communicate to you, my followers! Luckily its a blog and not a vlog. It is the written word after all.

At least I could rack off out of there at 4pm!!!! Nothing too shabby about that. I am still quite confused about how much I am actually going to earn. Nearly every person that I have spoken too has told me something completely different about how the staff allowance/loading works. Only 2 people have said the same thing. But what they have said, would be the best possible outcome, so I don’t want to get my hopes up if they are wrong. Just have to wait, 2 weeks and check the bank account! I hope I am delightfully surprised!

My day today at my new job was good. The 2 other staff I was working with, are on rotational rosters, so I will meet 2 whole new people tomorrow. I wonder if I will have a voice to greet them, or even communicate with them.

Last night was birthday celebration drinks for my Dr friend!! Although I was a total dud! No fun at all. I still went out, with my opaques on, the cardi, the singlet = HOT! I was wooly warm.

We went to Agave in Surry Hills. A Mexican restaurant. OMFG best Mexican ever!! Loved it. I tried to chug down as much chili as possible, to get the nose running. But it just wasn’t happening. A whole jalapeno and nada! We ordered lots of condiments that were packed with chili’s and peppers and nothing.

I had 2 cocktails! My caprioska’s. 1 original and 1 strawberry. The strawberry one was like drinking jam! So effing sweet.

Was still a good night, even though I was the total pits.

It was party o’clock around 1pm yesterday afternoon!!!! A majority of the office were in festive spirits! There were 5 off us being farewelled. There was a decent spread put out! All in all it was a lovely day.

I’m sick!

Thursday, May 27th, 2010


I have the typical sore throat and the head ache!

Mr W so graciously booked an appointment to see wedding cars today….. isn’t that so nice of him! He really cares for me.

I told him I will plan 75% of the wedding and he can do 25%. We were in agreement! One part of is 25% was to plan and organise the wedding cars!! Hmmmm ………

I had a shower and got dressed, was about to leave and go view the cars, but then something came over me. I don’t know what it is. I sometimes get a bit of silly anxiety and don’t like leaving the house or meeting with people. It can even happen when I am to meet friends. Silly I know. But then other times, I have no hesitations with job interviews.

I nearly didn’t make it into work yesterday. But anyone that knows me, knows I don’t do sick days, genuine or otherwise! And besides it is my 2nd last day!

Tomorrow is my last day at my workplace! Before I start my new job!!! There will be a party! How exciting! But sad to leave. I doubt there will be ladies that love wedding planning. Hmmph!

It is 227 days till the wedding and I am in a lull. I passed back the role of viewing wedding cars. I need to meet with the florist, I need to finish my wedding invitations. Need the Spring season to come into store so I can buy the bridesmaid dresses!!!!!!!!

A Nerd Always gets his news!

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

I love nerds, I love that I am going to marry one!

How cute is this???

Mr Wonderful skypes me a link and”Hey babe, is this what you want me to wear on the wedding day?”

Image courtesy of Gizmodo

But, yes spot on! I want him to wear that, but I was envisaging it with the waist coat (yes, not vest as I have been corrected multiple times by my doctor friends boyfriend) open, with a skinny tie and the neck slightly loose. But kudos to him!!!!

Also, on another slightly related note to the picture of Tim Cahill, Mr W has come down HARD with cup fever! He is beside himself! 16 days to go! 229 days till our wedding!

The Day that was

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

When the weather cools down I find it incredibly hard to get out of bed. This morning clocked in at 50 minutes after the alarm!

Spent 120% of my lunch break tracking down a lilydale chicken! Found one in the Coles that is about a months walk away! But surprisingly came in at a very nice price.

Then left work and made it 12km’s before I realised I have left the prized chicken in the fridge at work and won’t be back at that particular workplace for 1 week! Just Dandy!

Animal activists DON’T READ AHEAD!

Come home, sharpen my knife and harass the chicken carcass! I am getting really good at it now. I kinda enjoy it! Making chicken stock for minestrone. I bought a soup mix too – need to add more nutritional ingredients to the soup! Better not forget to soak them!


Sat down and watched Masterchef (I hardly get to watch it) Was surprised to see MoVida. I went there in March, I didn’t quite rate it. And lo and behold – he lost! I love being right! I should become a food critic!!!! I wrote on my facebook page before the winner was announced that I didn’t rate that place and think the chef was going to lose!!! HEHHHEHEHEHEHHE people disagreed! I love being right!

In other news, what should I get my doctor friend for her 29th Birthday?? She likes the Georg Jensen daisy pendant, but I feel it should be a gift her boyfriend should get her…. (Well that is what Mr W said) but he bought her a watch……

YAY!! On Thursday I have a day off!! Going to view wedding cars. Going to return a skirt I bought. Going to Cerrone to get my topaz set! YAY FINALLY. Then on Friday it is my farewell at work. Should be a really good day, then on Saturday…. I start my new job… arghhh I hope it is awesome! I hope I have awesome co-workers who LURVE to hear about weddings and about Mr Wonderful and all my bull shit!

Engagement Party

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Last Night, Mr Wonderful and I attended the controversial engagement party of my cousin Justine to Luke. Made only controversial by my mother’s backlash to the way the bride to be decided to notify would be guests of the occasion.

There were a few other eye brow raising moments as well. When a family of 7 daughters decided to procreate and have families of their own, some shady things can go down. That is family for you! One day a book will be written about the lives of these individuals! It will be a top seller!

The night was really lovely. Good to catch up with cousin and aunties I rarely get to see! Mr W and I had to battle torrential rain (not an understatement) to arrive in Newcastle, having set off from St Leonards. Mr W let me drive his new car. He seldom enjoys warming the passenger side of a car! I felt so esteemed to be trusted enough with the honour!

I wish I had piccies to show, but I didn’t want to burden the ocassion by attaching a camera to my hand! Another of my cousin was also given the gig of being photog to the stars, so hopefully I can *cough* save as *cough* images from her!

Mr W and I drove back home on the same night. He made me battle tipsy and tiredness to stay awake with him as he drove, in order to be successful at this, I partook in some drunk facebooking!

We both enjoyed the LAST sleep in I will EVER get! Well…. that was my last weekend with Mr W for a long time! I start my new job next weekend. I celebrated the occasion by pumping the aircon up and baking some yummy bread!

The recipe was courtesy of the latest episode of Better Homes and Garden! Yes I watch it, I am not ashamed.

It was a very tasty garlic and zata focaccia bread with mozzarella stuffed crust! Served with Portuguese chorizo, fresh organic tomatoes and a generous glass of Tempus Two white wine. And to finish, a little treat from the cafe next door. 1 chocolate and 1 passion fruit macaroon! Mr Wonderful has never tried these and I am thinking of having these as our bonbonnieres! So best be getting an approval first!

trying out my 1st plug in!

Friday, May 21st, 2010

This blog is in desperate need of a gallery! So I am trying!

Here is my current inspiration for wedding flowers! I want some nice low key table centre pieces and then I want quite a few big bold arrgangements in the room and on the balcony! I want them the be show stoppers!

I hope you love!

So much to do, so little time!

Friday, May 21st, 2010

I hate this feeling.

My little business is thriving and I really need to get some business cards printed up! I really need to finish my new website. I need to finish the design of this very blog! (I know Internet Explorer, I know you hate me – it shows)

Everyone! For the sake of web designers, such as myself – PLEASE download and use firefox! It will rock your world!

I need to finish some clients wedding invitations (ShoneZ I am talking about you!)

I need to finish my own god damn invites! I needed to get Bridesmaids dresses and the colour of them was going to determine everything, but I was unsuccessful and now its just being a vicious little circle.

I need to finish the new theme for the online learning website I am designing but I am up to the really hard part and I don’t know PHP, but Mr Wonderful does, so I need a little one on one which will be …. ummm…. yeh TONIGHT! Brilliant – just a regular Friday night scripting up some PHP! Love it!

Tomorrow I am working – Filming! I am not the biggest fan of filming. Don’t mind video editing too much – but by far NOT my fav thing to do.

Just whinging Mc Whinge on this Friday morning! Most people love Fridays, I do not! I won’t have a friday soon. My Friday will be a Tuesday…. big deal!

Enough with that.

I met up with an old friend last night….. One from back in the high school days. I don’t speak to ANYONE from high school anymore. Not even 1 person! Now just this girl! She is lovely though! Had a good meal and a chat! I suspect she is looking at getting married soon and was picking my brains lol.

It is funny, I seem to speak to me more people that I went to PRIMARY school with! Just last night I received a call from a client/went to primary school with but was in the year above me….. he has another of his friend there with him/ another guy I went to primary school with but was in the year above me…. His girl friends dance teacher needs a website! It is funny how things come to you.

Very Chuffed! I hope it comes to fruition!

1 bride 2 veils

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Is that too indulgent?

I am changing my ultra over the top with all the bells and whistles veil to something simpler and more the look I was after. So I have cut some $$$ there.

I really want a long veil, that comes from UNDER my chignon! Why would you pay $$$ for a hair do that gets covered up by a veil? Yeh, no thanks.

So, I am after a 1 tier veil, that is super dooper long, but I also wanted a funky birdcage veil or a headpeice of some sort. Also brides normally take their veils off when they go to the reception.

Here is a recent bride who had to veils/head peieces

Let’s just see how the budget goes me thinks!!

But I would love to D.I.Y a veil and a head piece. Can you have swarovski crystals on a headband if you don’t have them on your dress?? Is it bad to introduce something new to the whole outfit?

Beauty and Bridesmaid Update!

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Beauty Update

Although I am on a Make-up ban till October, it does not include skin care products! I went to Kit at Chatswood to buy another Cosmedicine Medi-morphosis Self Adjusting Exfoliator, but they were out of stock!! ARGhh I love this stuff! They said no other stores had it either or just the small size.

I also really love their tinted moisturiser and use it as foundation! The Honest Face one! But for the mean time I am enjoying slapping the face with Laura Mercier!

Last friday night I went to sleep with my make-up on! I know I am the spawn of satin! Well, hell rewarded me when I work up with a BIG pimple on my cheek. It is akin to an iceberg, 7/8ths under the surface, 1/8th above! It has no head, it is just a lump! My skin has been so clear for a while now and I have been so thrilled! I just cannot stand to wash my face at night over the bathroom sink. (I mostly have night showers and that is taken care of in there). I have hair that barely touches the shoulders – probably not even. My hair is too short to be tied ALL up and to long that it droops back over a head band and into my face when I am leaning over washing it!!! And I splash water everywhere! So I just don’t bother!

Back on track, I purchased some arsenal to combat the iceberg making a home on my face!

It has already been 4 days and this pimple is not doing anything and I need to rid it post haste!

I’ll be sure to update on my pimples progress, because it’s such an areshole, it doesn’t say hi!

Bridesmaid Update

It is in-between seasons at the moment, so there wasn’t much choice out there. There was a few that I really liked but the shops couldn’t accommodate on sizing.

We will have to make the trek out again!