Really starting to feel the pressure


I got my start date for my new job. It is Saturday the 29th of May. My last day at the job that is being replaced will be Thursday the 27th of May. My boss asked me if I can not work the Thursday but come in on the Friday instead. So I can partake in the farewell because 5 of us in the office were successful in the recruitment process and we are all going off to different court houses.

I have worked at this court house for nearly 2 years and worked Wednesdays and Thursdays. I miss out on EVERYTHING! Every farewell, every public holiday even Melbourne Cup!

So finally something for me! I will miss my boss, she is so lovely!

Therefore this new job is 3 days a week (Sat, Sun & Mon) and my freelance graphic design job is 3 days a week in their office (on the other side of the world/city) needs to be Tuesday and Fridays. So I will have to choose with Wednesday or Thursday. I wonder which would be better. I am leaning to Wednesday. Therefore Wednesday will be my only day not in and office!

I have been getting lots of work through my own business. I am starting to feel overloaded! There is only 1 ‘me’ and I can only do so much! I do this work, it may be designing websites or invitations after hours and on the weekend. My weekend is now not a weekend at all! Its a lousy Wednesday!!!

My ‘bonding’ time with my fiance is non existent! I am rallying to bring back date night! Every second Friday I want to go to a nice restaurant and drink cocktails or wine! and eat food of course. but will this indulging be counter productive financially from all this working I am taking on?

PLUS I need to plan a wedding! I am welcoming the Wednesday weekend, because it will make it easier to get things done, like meet with a florist or go the shops or business that are M-F 9-5!

I hope the financially reward is substantial enough to warrant me working weekends. I am young and can handle it! I don’t have a child. I worked Monday to Friday at 1 job then Sat and Sun in retail and I did the Thursday night too! Left 1 job at 4 and drive to the other to start at 5! Crazy I know. I did it for 5 months! Between courses!

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