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My Lunch Break!

Friday, April 30th, 2010

I went to DJ’s and looked at possible Bridesmaids dresses.

I really like this dress

Not the best picture, but I really like it. I think it compliments my dress nicely too.

I really like the colour of it too! The colour is called malt. Its like a light pink/mushroom/taupe/brown colour!!!!! And it was one of my first inspirational theme colours!

I think some nice cream or pink strappy shoes would look good and the head band! Soft floaty and romantic and it doesn’t SCREAM bridesmaids

What do you think?

Also, I opened my wedding invitation file to do a bit of work on them.

I just quickly worked on the opening page.

Really just waiting to see what colours we go with the bridesmaids and then I will be able to tie everything all together thematically.

Head Bands?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Is US$328 absurd to spend on a head band? I would be getting more wears out of it. But I shouldn’t wear is BEFORE my big day though! I need to unveil it! (pun intended) on my big day!

I love this head band!

I want it, need it, have to have it.

It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship! I don’t want to look like a cookie cutter bride on my wedding day. I want people to look back and go… ‘Now didn’t she look lovely, elegant but injected her own sense of style”

I also want to wear it in my hair like she is, so that part of it is covered.

I am having huge second thoughts about the veil. I think with the scalloped edging and the intricate beading border. I think there is too much going on. The receipt seems to me to have the conditions for the Made to measure dress only and not for other purchases. I hope I can change it if need be. I still want a veil, but I think a more simpler one. I still want the blusher and the cathedral length but maybe with no scalloped edge and maybe ribbon on the edge or nothing!

I am going back to the shop on May the 19th! I hope they are lovely and accomodating!

Arghhhhh!!! I am the only one rallying for a headpiece! Luckily I am the bride!

I also have had a look at Stephanie Browne but none of her styles or pieces speak to me like this one does.

Really starting to feel the pressure

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010


I got my start date for my new job. It is Saturday the 29th of May. My last day at the job that is being replaced will be Thursday the 27th of May. My boss asked me if I can not work the Thursday but come in on the Friday instead. So I can partake in the farewell because 5 of us in the office were successful in the recruitment process and we are all going off to different court houses.

I have worked at this court house for nearly 2 years and worked Wednesdays and Thursdays. I miss out on EVERYTHING! Every farewell, every public holiday even Melbourne Cup!

So finally something for me! I will miss my boss, she is so lovely!

Therefore this new job is 3 days a week (Sat, Sun & Mon) and my freelance graphic design job is 3 days a week in their office (on the other side of the world/city) needs to be Tuesday and Fridays. So I will have to choose with Wednesday or Thursday. I wonder which would be better. I am leaning to Wednesday. Therefore Wednesday will be my only day not in and office!

I have been getting lots of work through my own business. I am starting to feel overloaded! There is only 1 ‘me’ and I can only do so much! I do this work, it may be designing websites or invitations after hours and on the weekend. My weekend is now not a weekend at all! Its a lousy Wednesday!!!

My ‘bonding’ time with my fiance is non existent! I am rallying to bring back date night! Every second Friday I want to go to a nice restaurant and drink cocktails or wine! and eat food of course. but will this indulging be counter productive financially from all this working I am taking on?

PLUS I need to plan a wedding! I am welcoming the Wednesday weekend, because it will make it easier to get things done, like meet with a florist or go the shops or business that are M-F 9-5!

I hope the financially reward is substantial enough to warrant me working weekends. I am young and can handle it! I don’t have a child. I worked Monday to Friday at 1 job then Sat and Sun in retail and I did the Thursday night too! Left 1 job at 4 and drive to the other to start at 5! Crazy I know. I did it for 5 months! Between courses!

Why do I ruin every clothes I buy?

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

I have the shits!

I am wearing a Country Road cardigan that I bought for $159.00. I don’t know if that is a lot of money to you but is to me (for a cardigan)

and It has been washed ONCE! It was soft, yummy and BLACK when I bought it, wore it a few times, washed it and now the neck/the v neck/collar part is all wrinkled, kind of stretched and out of shape. The whole this is a faded, washed out black. LOOKS DREADFUL.

I bought a 100% silk top and machine washed it. This top cost $139.00!!!!! Again, worn once, washed once and now ruined! It dried all crinkily and stiff.

I bought 4 Country Road singlets, Washed ONCE and they all changed colours. the seam threads remain the orinignal colour but everything turns to grey. I bought a white one – NOW GREY – I bought a nude one – NOW GREY, I bought a baby pink one – NOW GREY!!!!!!!!!!

Even my white undies, the seams (the edging /the borders) turn grey.

I separate my lights from darks.

I feel like I am geting fistfuls of money and setting them alight for the hell of it!

Why am I such a fuck head!

I asked FH this and his advice was to ask my mum what to do. That lady hasn’t got a clue obviously because I don’t have a clue and I have learnt nothing from her. I told him I am posting this on vogue, VOGUE GIRLS RAISED ME! It’s not that my mum doesn’t know anything, she doesn’t own silk or cashmere or separate clothes, let alone towels, she has a 10 year old top loader and only every uses 1 cycle. She doesn’t have anything to offer me in this department.

From this day forward. I am going to send out all my washing to the dry cleaners.

I think i might head out and buy that top again. It was really lovely and I really like it. I feel like its a waste of money at the same time though.

Its just bull shit though! I want to wear natural fibres and polyester is the enemy.

Side note, I bought a nice outfit for that job interview, for the job I GOT!  It was from Cue. The top I bought cost like $200 or something and IT WAS POLYESTER! what a rip off! How can they justify that!!! I wore it in Febuary and it was sweltering hot. After the interveiw (because I had the day off) I decided to tick off a few things from my to do list. I caught the train to Waverton and walked to the Pacific Highway to buy a DSLR from FH for our 5 year anniversary then I walk to North Sydney Train Station then From Marrickville Station Home. I am not exagerating, The top was DRIPPINNG wet. I could ring it out. I had a Cue Jacket with me too (for the interview of course) and I was carrying that, it was soo embarrassing to have  the back of my top ALL WET! It was soo obvious. The Jacket cost $320 or something like that and the lining and details are POLYESTER!!! The skirt that was $200 had a polyseter lining too!!! The outfit cost me a small fortune and I have only worn that outfit once because of the horrible experience I had with it.

That day was just horrible all together! I was so nervous about the interview. I bought new stocking too they cost like $10! Pull them on. I had new shoes from Wittner that had a zipper details on it. I walk out the house and one leg brushes past the other and I have a huge ladder from my inner ankle to my inner thigh and still have to walk to the station! I get to the trains station and I have a blister on the back of my ankle, even though I am wearing stockings and my back already has sweat beads. I catch the un-airconditioned train with my back not touching the vinyl seats.

Walk to the interview. Arrive FAR TOO EARLY! Fan myself. I call a friend to get advice on whether I should ditch the stocking or not. I decided to keep them on, because I didn’t moisturize my legs and it wasn’t too noticeable and because I had a blister and didn’t want to aggravate that further.

Have the interview – ace it of course……. hheheheheh wanker.

Meet up with my sister in the city for morning tea.

Head to the station, go to Waverton (another un-airconditioned inner city train) My blister is pretty bad right now. It is like 35 degrees. I have shoes in one hand and jacket in the other, I begin my walk to the Pacific Hwy BAREFOOT like a LOSER but in nice looking clothes! The ground BURNS the soles of my feet and shreds my stockings

By the time I get to the camera shop, the back of my shirt is drenched. I buy what I need and back out of the shop! I don’t turn around and walk, I walk backwards! NOT KIDDING!

I find out that Nth Sydney Train station is a good 20 mintutes away! I look for a chemist on the way to buy some thongs/massuer shoes. I find one, they direct me to another chemist I can’t find that stocks them!!!!!! I feel like running in front of a bus!

Anyway, long story short, I finally get home! I open the kitchen drawers, pull out some scissors and cut the stockings off me. Rip my shirt off and have a cold shower with bra on. I couldn’t bare trying to reach behind and unhook it off my sweaty body!


Morale of the story. DON’T WEAR POLYESTER! Don’t wear shoes you haven’t broken in.


I got the JOB!!!! and FH LOVED the camera!

Wedding Day Make-up

Monday, April 26th, 2010

I have moved away from shoes in the mean time. Well, I am in love with the Miu Miu’s I think they will be awesome, I just need to see what my bridesmaids are wearing I guess.

Anyways, now on to wedding day make up.

The look I will be endeavouring to achieve is….. Dewy fresh faced with baby pink cheeks with heavy bronze contouring and nude – slash – baby pink lips!

I want to keep the eyes light. I love a smokey eye, but the man does not. So jusy jet black LONG eyelashes.

All in all, this is what I am channeling.

Screen shot of Cue website. I’m bad)

I’m an over-thinking bride to be

Monday, April 26th, 2010

I went to the zoo today with my beautiful fiance. He took me as a gift for getting the job I worked really hard for and really wanted! And also because I was begging to see parthi harn ever since we were in Melbourne on Holidays and I was jumping up and down on the hotel bed when they announced he was alive! I knew that little elephant wasn’t dead. I thought, just because he is upside down, don’t a dead elephant make! The mumma elephant does not carry a baby inside for nearly 2 years for it to DIE! It is coming out alive whether anyone likes it or not!

My fiance was skeptical, and it was a big ‘IN YOUR FACE’ when the little bubby popped out ALIVE!

Anyway, so he took me to the zoo to see it and PARTY HARD for parthi harn!

We walked ALL day! On the way home I wanted to snap some pictures out side where our reception is taking place for the invites.


We also scoped out some possible location shots for photos. My feet were already sore from walking all day at the zoo (in thongs no less). The question I raised to myself is, “how on earth am I going to last on my wedding day?” I just over think things.

I just need to get somewhere to hopefully try these shoes on, make a decision and then BREAK THEM IN! That is it. Stop thinking….. oh but I can’t!

Wedding shoes!

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

I need to keep some funk in my day!

I have already gone traditional and romantic with dress and veil and nearly everyone is veto-ing my head piece idea. (Still not a lost cause, I need to try it out and then make the decision)


I must have some funky shoes. Even though I am having the full length and the train, but you can still see them, when you hike your dress up while your making your way to the cliff top to don your best priscilla pose! I have noted to tell my photographer, to capture them on film!

My short-list so far.


Miu Miu – See more pics here

CL_Lucy140Christian Louboutin – see more pics here

OscarDeLaRenta_01Oscar De La Ranta – See more pics here

The last one are my favourites, but I have a feeling the first one will be the most comfortable and are the most ‘bridal’ looking.

All 3 have platforms at the front. I think that will make them more comfortable on the balls of the feet. The most comfortable heels I have are CR peep top Wedges. I can run in them all day, the only thing that starts to get sore towards the end of the day, is the sides of the toes that are peeking through peep that are rubbing on the leather. Hmm! My second comfy are pointy toed pumps!

Taking suggestions!

THE Bouquet – of my dreams

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

AND I want it to be a reality!
I don’t care what it takes! (okay maybe a little, calm down bridezilla)


Carolina Herrera 2010 show

I am having trouble finding MORE pictures of this bouquet! I spent the night before googling it up! I need a close up. I love this arrangement! I love the waterlily/lotus flower I don’t know the right name for the flowers. The florist should know. I like that it is small and I really like bouquets that only employ 1 kind of flower. IT’S PERFECT!

Wedding Photographer

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Met with our 3rd photographer this evening.

I think I have made up my mind! Just need to haggle on price!!

They both had their pros and cons, but what it ultimately comes down to is the quality of the photos!

Which one was a nose in front!

I am still adamant in creating our own wedding album. I know I can do it.

On the weekend I want to meet with the Marrickville Florist! I think I will go with them if I have good interaction with them. I became a fan of their facebook page! hhehehe.

Just need to have hair appointment to get the stylist sorted!! (This Thursday) and FINISH THE INVITATIONS!




Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

I got the job I was going for!!

It is with the court house! Working at Parramatta Extended Registry on Saturday, Sunday & Monday!

Part time, because its on the weekend I get penalty rates so its nearly a full time wage!!!!!