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The Weekend

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Saturday December 12th has been 1 year since Mr Wonderful proposed to me! I can’t believe it has been ONE year already.

Let my venture into nostalgia land for a tick, bear with me. It was just yesterday that we were sitting in the old, old Cerrone store in Castlereagh St. We decided to go ahead with them and my ring was put into production. It was completed in late July 2008! It didn’t grace my finger until December 12th! (Well worth the wait though)

Those few months agonizing over when I was going to receive it and if he was having second thought and what the hell is taking sooooo long, seem to have taken a decade and then once it is on my deserving finger! And WTF, a year gone!

I read a pull quote just recently on a news website stating that the average woman will look at her ring 1 MILLION TIMES in her life-time. Personally, I don’t think that is an exaggeration. And just to toot my own horn. I think I have received within the same region of compliments on it too!

It has been a blissful year proudly parading my gorgeous ring on my finger and the man to match! Now it’s a good time to start getting into gear and organise a wedding.

On Saturday I went to the new Cerrone store in Martin Place to get my ring cleaned. I normally shop with my fave shop assistant, but like usual, she is helping a couple with their engagement ring. But today I was with another lady. She was sooooo much fun!

“Let’s try everything on?” she suggested.

“Okay, Ill start with that $630,000 intense pink diamond ring!”

“Good choice, you will need a micro pave diamond band to go with it”

“Why of course!” I proclaimed

This went on for a good 45 minutes. She had no qualms about pulling nearly everything out of the cases. I think she could be my best friend.

And I thought, well ’tis the season of celebrations for Mr Wonderful and I: 1 year engagement, Christmas, minus 1 year wedding anniversary, Valentines day, our 5 years (of meeting each other), my birthday, our 4 year anniversary.

I picked out a pair of diamond hoops earrings and a diamond band similar to the Tiffany Swing band. Got them written down on a card and slipped it into Mr Wonderful’s wallet. Very suggestive. But, men, they really are quite terrible and could use some directions. And direct it was!

After my little diamond party in Cerrone, I headed to TSAR rugs in Darlinghurst. Met with the very talented and clever intern. I am looking at getting a custom rug. I was sooooo overwhelmed though. I mean, I could quite literally get just about anything. Too many choices. I really have to think about this one. But had fun none the less.

Mr Wonderful took me out to Manta at Woolloomooloo. (Parking was a disaster) But the whole meal and drinks was DELICIOUS!


Decided to head out to the beach. Went to South Curl Curl. It was really lovely.

Went home had a shower and headed off to MW’s parents place.

First off we stopped at Petersham for some Portuguese chicken mmmmmm! MW has wanted to do that since FOREVER.

Family from Las Vegas!

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Last night had a Chinese banquet to welcome my Aunty (Mum’s sister) her husband (my uncle) and my 2 beautiful cousins that I have never met!! I haven’t seen my uncle and aunty in 10 years!!!!

Unlce Bob lived in Las Vegas and struck up and internet relationship, back when it was still taboo, with my aunty who was living in Sydney. She took the leap of faith, flew over and asked him to marry her, 2 beautiful girls later and a happy marriage!

It was such an exciting night! Lots of fun playing with Erin (9) and Shannon (6) and their cute little American accents.

They are here till just past New Year!

Going to have a crazy Christmas with all extended family. So looking forward to it!

FLOG wise, the Chinese banquet was not kind on my waist line. I just restricted the amount I ate, but I still think I blew the calorie limit!! But sooooo worth it for the occasion!!!!


Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Just a quick session today cause I felt lazy!!!

Did 15 min walk on treadmill (6.0)

Then a good weights session

Calories – came in at 1295 of my 1510 limit!!!


Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Went to the gym today!!!!

Did the mile in 11min 40 seconds today!! SOoooo happy. Just shave a bit off each time!

10 mins on the X-Trainer on level 9

Then I did my own personal training working out.

Lunges on Bosu ball (2 x 12 with back foot on bosu each leg) (2 x 12 with front foot on bosu each leg)

Squats 2 x 12

Chest press 3 x 12

Biceps with bar bell 10 x 3

Seated row on fitball 2 x 12

Lat Pull downs on Bosu

Wood chop on cable machine (10kg) 2 x 12 each side

Bosu push ups 3 x 5

Pretty happy with that!

My caloring count for yesterday came in under my 1510 limit!!!

Today I am going pretty good too!


Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

45 min spin class with the best instructor in the world!

Some Lat pull down (2 x 12) on 30kg

Abductor and Adductor

Tried the busu in the back and you lift your body wieght and move your legs and it works your abs thingo!


Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Glog for the day

I rarely go to the gym on Tuesdays so I thought I would do a quick session.

Did my 1.6km run. Shaved 1 minute off my time!!!


Food Log (flog)

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Flog for the day.

Day 2 of diet-ish


2 slices of Burgen Soy and Lin toast with nutella


Morning Tea

1 slice of raisin toast with butter

5 HUGE strawberries


1/2 chicken breast with very small portion of green beans


Chicken stir-fry with butter beans, capsicum, green beans.